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Burnt-Out Trailer Recovery On The I-5

Burnt-Out Trailer Recovery On The I-5

On December 10, 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to a Washington State Patrol’s (WSP) call for accident recovery on the I-5. A tractor and trailer had caught fire and was extensively damaged. In addition, all the tires were also severely damaged, which makes for a challenging recovery.

Team Pro-Tow on the Scene

This truck and trailer recovery required a Class C heavy-duty crane-style wrecker. The tires, wheels, floor, walls, and axels of the trailer were heavily damaged by the fire. We used extra equipment to move the trailer safely. We needed to bring in a heavy-duty flatbed trailer and a converter dolly to help with accident recovery.

Recovery Plan in Place

We knew that for trailer recovery, the converter dolly needed to go under the front of the trailer to move it from the rear. However, we quickly learned that even with the support of the converter dolly, the trailer was too severely damaged to tow safely. Therefore, the safest option for this accident recovery would be to load the trailer on a flatbed Landoll trailer, still using the support of the converter dolly.

Team Pro-Enviro took care of highway cleanup, spill recovery, and cargo salvage. Read Burnt Mayo Cargo Salvage to learn more.

Loading the Trailer

Slowly but surely, Team Pro-Tow rigged and loaded the trailer onto the flatbed. We used a snatch block to double the winch line and reduce line tension. This method helps safely pull loads with minimal strain and damage. When the burnt trailer and equipment were moved off the I-5, we moved it to a secure yard. Because of the height of the load, a pilot car needed to accompany the trailer transport.

Caught on Fire – Again

On the way to the yard, the pilot truck behind the trailer noticed smoke coming from it. Our team pulled over to check it and found the trailer was once again on fire. The fire was coming from the battery box. They put it out with three fire extinguishers. Then they cut and secured all electrical connections from the battery box so it wouldn’t ignite again.

Trailer Recovery Complete

Finally, after few roadblocks, our team got the trailer casualty back to our secure yard. We used two heavy-duty Class C trucks to remove the trailer from the Landoll flatbed. Then we put it on two retention ponds. Another accident recovery complete by Team Pro-Tow!

Truck Recovery from a Snowy Ditch

Truck Recovery from a Snowy Ditch

In this incident, on February 15th, 2020, we responded to a call about a tractor and trailer trapped in the snow. The fuel had also become gelled, which meant the tractor couldn’t move on its own. On top of that, the driver was without any cell service, so a quick heavy truck towing recovery was needed.

Before we left, we got a call from Idaho State Patrol that the combination was stuck in a ditch and against a power pole. We waited until we got pictures to review the accident and decide what equipment to bring for the job. After checking, our Pro-Tow team chose an HD Rotating style crane. We then left for the location.

Truck Recovery

It took time to get to the location as snowfall, ice and weather conditions were a factor that affected safety. Once we arrived safely, we spoke with the driver and began to plan the recovery. Idaho Department of Transportation showed up with a snowplow and offered their support for the road closure needed for the recovery. 

Our team then set up the HD Rotating Crane Truck and wore headsets for communication and safety. Carefully, we lined up the crane and started rigging the back of the tractor and front of the trailer. Taking things slowly, we managed to get the combination back onto the ground without causing any more damage. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to start the vehicle again as both batteries were dead and the fuel was empty. 

Heavy Truck Towing

Initially, only one lane was closed for our recovery, but at this point, we closed down both lanes. We separated the tractor and trailer, then hooked up and secured the tractor for towing. We did the same for the trailer before setting out. We stopped to have the driver fuel up the tractor to start again later. Then we loaded the tractor into the shop at the yard, reconditioned and put away all equipment, and completed the paperwork. 

A quick truck recovery well handled by our Pro-Tow team!

If you own or manage a fleet, or are an owner-operator, make sure Pro-Tow, Motorplex, and Pro-Enviro are on your contact list!

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If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Accident Recovery: 167 Wine Bottles on the Road

Accident Recovery: 167 Wine Bottles on the Road

In this incident, on February 2nd, 2021, we received a special request for an overturned semi-truck and trailer carrying 167 wine bottles. The overturn had happened on the ramp from 212th to NB167, which was a heavily trafficked area. We responded on route with a heavy-duty rotating crane-style wrecker, heavy-duty recovery wrecker, equipment support vehicle, and necessary additional labor.

Accident Recovery

We responded to the incident command post and waited for the Washington State Police to close the ramp. As we waited, our Team Pro-Tow did a scene evaluation, put together a recovery plan, and did some recovery calculations. The quickest and safest method, and least chance of more spillage, was to use specialty air cushions and landing bags. Our team skillfully installed the cushions and landing bags, followed by the rotator rigging and recovery wrecker rigging to upright the combination. Working carefully and without rushing, we began the recovery work. We completed the task successfully and moved the unit to a nearby safe location. Our Pro-Enviro team began the spill recovery and debris cleanup work from the spilled bottles during that time.

Continued Recovery

The load inside had shifted considerably to the driver side, which meant we needed a heavy-duty class S tractor to transport the trailer safely. Our trusty team began the task of separating the trailer, then used the rotator to lift the nose of the trailer and allow the Class S tractor access. The hookup went without a hitch, and we transported it to our secured storage yard with an escort from the Department of Transportation. Meanwhile, Pro-Enviro continued the spill recovery and debris cleanup. We located the appropriate secured storage locations at the yard, installed environmental spill containment pods, and parked the tractor. Finally, we reconditioned all vehicles and equipment, completed the paper, and gave the cleared call.

A messy accident recovery well-handled!

Heavy Truck Recovery in Washington State

Heavy Truck Recovery in Washington State

In this incident, on October 28th, 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to an overturned semi-truck and trailer on the highway that landed in the ditch. Where expertise and specialized equipment are needed to recover the vehicle, our team can do the job effectively and safely. We can handle everything from emergency towing, towing services, crane services, or heavy truck recovery in Maple Valley, Auburn, Spokane, and around Washington State.

Accident Recovery

Our team gathered the equipment needed for the job, including a heavy-duty crane-style wrecker and flatbed for transport. Once we arrived, team Pro-Tow worked efficiently to hook up the trailer. We then did a safe and successful lift and loaded the trailer onto the flatbed for transport. The tractor was easily towed away after that, which completed the recovery. All equipment was reconditioned and ready for the next call.

Heavy Truck Recovery in Spokane, Auburn, and Maple Valley

Like this job, Team Pro Tow can handle a range of services to support the transport industry. Semi-truck accident recovery, crane services, heavy duty towing, and 24-hour towing services. We offer heavy truck repairs onsite or in our Motorplex shops. The Pro-Enviro division takes care of spill cleanup and recovery, often arriving at the scene with our Pro-Tow operators and equipment.

Whether long-distance, nearby, big or small, we can also help with load transfers, cargo salvage, and short and long-term storage. Our services, including heavy truck recovery in Auburn, Maple Valley, and Spokane, are offered 24-7, every day of the year.

Our team always responds quickly and efficiently to ensure maximum safety efficiency at all times. Every member on our team is trained, screened, and certified for absolute quality that exceeds standards.

If you own or manage a fleet, or are an owner-operator, make sure Pro-Tow, Motorplex, and Pro-Enviro are on your contact list!

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Moses in the Median: Semi-Truck Recovery

Moses in the Median: Semi-Truck Recovery

In this incident, on April 2nd, 2020, TeamProTow received an emergency dispatch about a semi-tractor collision, and a loaded trailer stuck in the median. We dispatched a heavy-duty rotating crane-style wrecker and heavy-duty towing truck to the scene. On route, we learned the I90 had been closed due to the accident, so traffic was at a standstill.

Scene Assessment

At the scene, we met with the incident command post and assessed the situation. There was heavy debris, a vehicle in multiple pieces blocking the roadway, and a motor vehicle fluid spill.

We reported to the command post and got permission from the vehicle owner to do what was needed for semi-truck recovery. The incident command informed us that WSP would be doing a commercial vehicle enforcement investigation during the initial scene investigation. Only once both investigations were complete could our team begin the recovery.

Recovery Work

Our team got to work with permission given to use the Westbound lanes for our semi-truck recovery work. We set up rigging and recovery equipment and managed to get traffic flowing as we worked. Since we were working uphill, extra calculations and precautions were put into play.

We managed to move the tractor and trailer combination until it became clear the fuel tanks were at risk of further damage and causing a fuel spill. Our team had to stop due to the unstable terrain causing issues with the loaded trailer. We decided to return in the morning with a new plan and meanwhile cleared away the equipment and roadway of any debris.

Semi-truck Recovery

The next day WSDOT approved traffic management plans, and we dispatched a traffic management company and got an attenuator trailer device. In addition to the original equipment, we also brought a heavy-duty recovery wrecker, compact track loader, dump trailer, flatbed tow truck, and another medium duty tow truck. Fully loaded and ready to go, our team set out for the scene once again for heavy-duty towing and recovery.

Once they set up traffic control, we began our recovery work. We found that 20 to 30 gallons of fuel oil and engine coolant had spilled into the soil. First, we safely rigged and moved the tractor and trailer to the roadside. Then, TeamProEnviro did a complete cleanup of the roadway and median.

The damage was extensive enough that we had to transport the combination without separating, despite trying to do so twice. Instead, our team transported the combination and our equipment back to the storage yard with professional heavy-duty towing.

To stop any spill contamination, we installed a portable parking stall containment berm and reconditioned the equipment. We manifested and transported all debris and contaminated soil. Later, outside of work hours, we did a non-routine mechanical separation for the tractor and trailer. Only then did we complete the paperwork and give the cleared call.

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If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Heavy Truck Tow for Sysco on Witte

Heavy Truck Tow for Sysco on Witte

In this incident, on May 18th, 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to a dispatch for a truck and trailer that had gone off the roadway into the ditch on Witte Road. The trailer had a 30,000 lbs load, and together with the truck, the entire lift was over 60,000 lbs. The road was narrow, which made it challenging to complete this heavy truck tow.

Recovery Plan with a Rotating Crane Style Wrecker

We needed an HD rotating crane-style wreck and HD wrecker to get this truck recovery done. Unfortunately, drivers kept crossing our cones and into the safety zone. We needed traffic control to help out to get our equipment to work on the narrow roadway.

After creating a safe recovery plan, we needed to set things up to avoid overhead power lines and a low overpass while performing a 60-foot truck and trailer lift. It was a challenging heavy truck tow, but thankfully damage hadn’t caused an oil pan leak.

We decided to winch forward, setting the recovery truck in front of the casualty. We set up the rotating crane-style wrecker to perform a rear overhead light and reposition the truck and trailer on the road.

Working Hard to Minimize Damage

When lifting such a huge, cumbersome load, our team takes extra steps to minimize damage to the truck and trailer. In this case, we used soft recovery straps and secured the frame with shackles to keep it from breaking up. We also used strap protectors to prevent damage. We configured a wood frame around the left gate too. These extra safety precautions prevented the trailer from further damage.

Time to Lift

When our crane-style wrecker performed the overhead lift, it registered 28,000 pounds with the load leaning to the rear. As you could imagine, slow and steady work was the only way to prevent damage.
Our team carefully operated the rotator in harmony with the recovery truck parked in the front. We finally were able to get the truck and trailer back on the roadway and positioned for a heavy truck tow. We removed all the rigging and towed the casualty to a safe location.

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.