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Revisited: Stump Grinder Lifted in Logging Road Equipment Recovery

When semi-trucks encounter accidents on the road, there are many parts of heavy-duty equipment recovery to consider. A driver may require recovery of the semi-truck, the trailer, and the load. In some cases, they might require spill recovery. Pro-Tow offers all of these services to help drivers return to their routes safely and to ensure a safe clean-up and recovery process for the accident.

Not every incident is the same, and much of it requires different techniques and heavy equipment to complete the truck accident recovery. We use a heavy-duty rotating crane-style wrecker, a heavy-duty recovery wrecker, a support truck, and additional special equipment for truck accident recovery and heavy-duty equipment recovery. Moreover, the entire process then requires on-the-spot ingenuity, quick thinking, and problem-solving skills.

A Case Study for Truck Accident Recovery

In June 2020, Pro-Tow received an emergency dispatch about an overturned Kenworth T800, Loadking Lowboy. In addition to the trailer, the truck had lost the heavy-duty equipment it was hauling – a stump grinder used in logging. The job involved multi-step recovery.

1. Ensure there are no spills

Some semi-truck accidents, trailer accidents, or cargo losses may result in hazardous waste spills. Assessing for spilled fuel, oil, or other hazardous fluids is the most important first step. While Pro-Tow did not provide those services for the Kenworth T800 accident, we do work with Pro-Enviro for reliable hazardous waste clean-up services.

2. Trailer Recovery

Professional trailer recovery services ensure the overturned trailer (as in this case) is removed as safely as possible. In this case, we started with the successful recovery of the trailer before moving onto the stump grinder.

3. Heavy-duty Equipment Recovery

With trucks, trailers, and other equipment involved safely removed from the accident site, recovery professionals will have more space to operate the recovery equipment. Pro-Tow utilizes a rotator crane-style wrecker for these types of jobs and ensures safe conditions when doing so. The rain created an obstacle and time delay while everyone on site was out of harm’s way.

4. Final Cleanup

As soon as all heavy-duty equipment and trucks or trailers are recovered, work begins on removing and bringing them to a secure location. That could mean the customer’s site or our secure yard. Pro-Tow has a fleet of tow trucks ready to handle heavy-duty equipment and will ensure the safe transfer of everything involved.

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