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Revisited: Stump Grinder Lifted in Logging Road Equipment Recovery

Revisited: Stump Grinder Lifted in Logging Road Equipment Recovery

When semi-trucks encounter accidents on the road, there are many parts of heavy-duty equipment recovery to consider. A driver may require recovery of the semi-truck, the trailer, and the load. In some cases, they might require spill recovery. Pro-Tow offers all of these services to help drivers return to their routes safely and to ensure a safe clean-up and recovery process for the accident.

Not every incident is the same, and much of it requires different techniques and heavy equipment to complete the truck accident recovery. We use a heavy-duty rotating crane-style wrecker, a heavy-duty recovery wrecker, a support truck, and additional special equipment for truck accident recovery and heavy-duty equipment recovery. Moreover, the entire process then requires on-the-spot ingenuity, quick thinking, and problem-solving skills.

A Case Study for Truck Accident Recovery

In June 2020, Pro-Tow received an emergency dispatch about an overturned Kenworth T800, Loadking Lowboy. In addition to the trailer, the truck had lost the heavy-duty equipment it was hauling – a stump grinder used in logging. The job involved multi-step recovery.

1. Ensure there are no spills

Some semi-truck accidents, trailer accidents, or cargo losses may result in hazardous waste spills. Assessing for spilled fuel, oil, or other hazardous fluids is the most important first step. While Pro-Tow did not provide those services for the Kenworth T800 accident, we do work with Pro-Enviro for reliable hazardous waste clean-up services.

2. Trailer Recovery

Professional trailer recovery services ensure the overturned trailer (as in this case) is removed as safely as possible. In this case, we started with the successful recovery of the trailer before moving onto the stump grinder.

3. Heavy-duty Equipment Recovery

With trucks, trailers, and other equipment involved safely removed from the accident site, recovery professionals will have more space to operate the recovery equipment. Pro-Tow utilizes a rotator crane-style wrecker for these types of jobs and ensures safe conditions when doing so. The rain created an obstacle and time delay while everyone on site was out of harm’s way.

4. Final Cleanup

As soon as all heavy-duty equipment and trucks or trailers are recovered, work begins on removing and bringing them to a secure location. That could mean the customer’s site or our secure yard. Pro-Tow has a fleet of tow trucks ready to handle heavy-duty equipment and will ensure the safe transfer of everything involved.

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Tipped Over Trailer Needs Cargo Recovery

Tipped Over Trailer Needs Cargo Recovery

Back in May 2021, Team Pro-Tow was called for cargo recovery services while helping to manage the reopening of I-90. This was after a semi-truck became detached from its trailer and nearly tumbled down part of the embankment before being stopped by a barrier and overturning itself.

We eventually learned that the semi-truck towing the trailer lost its fifth-wheel hitch at some point, causing the trailer to separate from the semi-truck. A heavy load of paper rolls shifted, which may or may not have contributed to the tipover and need for heavy-duty trailer recovery. Luckily, everyone involved was safe.

Pro-Tow safely and quickly managed the reopening of the I-90 with minimal disruptions to traffic. Our team utilized a heavy-duty rotating crane wrecker for this efficient semi-truck recovery and cargo recovery. Many lessons can be learned from events such as this to prevent these incidents or to prevent more serious incidents on the road.

Understanding Load Shifts

For semi-trucks carrying any large load, it is crucial that all cargo is properly secured and stored before getting on the road. When cargo is not secured or stored properly in the trailer, load shifts occur. These cause the weight of the cargo to shift, which then causes an imbalance for the truck and trailer. These load shifts have the potential to lead to serious on-road incidents.

Even once the cargo is properly loaded, the driver should perform one last inspection to ensure everything is balanced and secure. An inspection can help prevent any load shifting.

Once on the road, a driver may be able to notice or feel the load shifting before anything serious happens. Oftentimes, it is within their ability to adjust the load and cargo. However, if the driver cannot reposition the load safely, it is imperative to stop driving. As we saw in the recovery report above, shifting loads will lead to dangers like the loss of connection between the trailer and semi-truck.

What to do in an Emergency

Drivers who notice the load shifting should immediately pull over and inspect the issue. If the driver cannot fix the issue, it is time to call for heavy-duty trailer recovery or load shift services. We offer both!

In emergencies such as the one above, an immediate call for cargo and semi-truck recovery is the first step after ensuring everyone involved is safe or if emergency services are needed. When non-hazardous cargo is involved, it is still important to contact a team for professional and quick heavy-duty trailer, semi-truck, and cargo recovery. Team Pro-Tow has the tools, experience, and knowledge to recover the load and get it back on the road as soon as possible.

Revisited: Semi-Truck Fire in Issaquah

Revisited: Semi-Truck Fire in Issaquah

Revisited: In March 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to a call about a semi-truck fire blocking the I-90. The fire was out, but the tractor and trailer were completely destroyed. The Washington State Police required our heavy-duty tow truck to the scene and truck fire recovery crews for the cleanup.

Fast on the Scene for Truck Fire Recovery

With the remnants of the semi-truck fire obstructing the highway, this truck fire recovery needed immediate action. We promptly assembled a team and deployed heavy-duty equipment to the scene. The aftermath of the fire presented a challenge, requiring a thorough cleanup and the removal of all contaminated materials.

Hauling Off the Burnt Mess

After surveying the scene, we created a truck recovery plan to remove the burned tractor from the scene. We carefully rigged up the tractor and lifted it onto a flatbed trailer. We were able to do the same with the trailer and larger debris. Then, our heavy-duty towing service removed the casualties from the area.

Truck Fire Recovery and Cleanup

Then, our cleanup crew got to work on the remaining mess. Team Pro-Enviro used an industrial-grade grapple and Bobcat compact track loader to pick up the debris. We also used a specialized street sweeper to get the smaller bits. Once all the ashes, debris, truck parts and contaminated materials were safely cleaned up and secured on a dump trailer, we hauled it off for safe and regulation-compliant disposal.

We worked through the night, but by morning, we had the I-90 completely restored as if the accident never happened. The WSP was happy to open the roadway to all regular travel.

What Caused the Fire?

We are not certain what caused the semi-truck fire in this instance, but several things could have set a tractor ablaze.

  • Faulty Electrical: an electrical short from a battery, wire, alternator, fuse panel, or other electrical components can cause a fire. If these components are overheating, they can cause nearby parts, like diesel hoses, to ignite. Water from rain or washing entering the engine compartment can cause electrical components to short circuit.
  • Brakes, Wheel Bearings, and Tires: While these components usually cause a trailer fire, they are also common ignition sources. When they are worn out, they can cause more friction and even a fire!
  • Vehicle Accident: Bad vehicle accidents can cause semi-truck fires. For example, if the fuel tank is compromised and metal hitting the road during the accident causes sparks, it could ignite.

Proactive fleet maintenance can prevent many fires. Owners and fleet managers should inspect the vehicle before and after every trip, including the electrical systems, brakes, bearings, and tires, to ensure they are in good, safe condition.

If you ever need accident or truck fire recovery or heavy-duty towing services in Washington State, call Pro-Tow!

What To Look for in a Heavy-Duty Towing Company

What To Look for in a Heavy-Duty Towing Company

If you manage a commercial fleet or own/operate a semi-truck transport service, having a trusty heavy-duty towing company on your team is critical. You never know when you might need to get a vehicle out of a jam or need your assets moved by a trustworthy hauler. In either case, Team Pro-Tow can help.

Here are things to look for when hiring a heavy-duty towing company for your business.

Positive Industry Reputation

Before contracting a fleet towing company, make sure it’s a company you can trust. Check for years of experience and online reviews, and speak to other fleet owners or managers who have used them. Check out their website and social media channels. Do they look professional? Do they address customer concerns? Doing research and checking references can help you determine a company’s reputation.

Essential Credentials

Believe it or not, there are “towing contractors” out there operating without proper licensing and certification. It is within your right to ask for those things. For example, they must have met all necessary requirements to operate in the towing industry. In the US, towing companies must have a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration license.

In addition, the fleet towing company should carry proper insurance. Insurance ensures the company and your assets are protected in case of an accident or damage. Reputable companies like Pro-Tow will have insurance. If you’re trying a different company, be sure to ask and save yourself the stress.

The Right Services

What type of towing will you need? Do you have a fleet of heavy-duty semi-trucks or a light auto fleet? Does the towing company provide crane lift services or operate heavy-duty wreckers? Will you need one who can assist with flatbed trailers, cranes, and other specialized equipment? Ensure the fleet towing company you hire has the equipment, expertise and services you need.

Emergency Towing and Mobile Repairs

Having an emergency towing company on your contact list can be a lifesaver. Pro-Tow offers 24-hour emergency towing services that can rescue your fleet vehicles wherever they are. In addition, our Motorplex division offers on-site and mobile repairs. We can help repair trucks on the road or tow them into one of our Motorplex shops (or your shop) for repairs. We’ll be there when you need us the most.

How Much Will It Cost?

Before contracting a heavy-duty towing company, find out their rates! Ask about all potential fees and surcharges, and learn their pay structure and terms. For example, some companies charge by the mile, by the hour, by the job, etc. and might have different fees for specialized work. Always hire a towing company that offers competitive rates without compromising quality. Remember, the cheapest price is not always the best. This could mean that their equipment is of lower quality and that their operators have less experience.

Have questions about hiring a heavy-duty towing company for your fleet? Contact Team Pro-Tow!


When You Need Bus Towing

When You Need Bus Towing

A bus driver carries a lot of responsibility on each trip. In being responsible for their passengers’ safety (who are often children or youth), drivers must also know their bus is in good driving condition. However, emergencies will happen, and a bus breakdown can occur as quickly as it would for a small car. Fortunately, a driver or operator can call for an emergency towing service.

If you’re calling for bus towing, you must ensure the tow truck company has the knowledge, tools, and training to tow large, heavy vehicles safely. From yellow school buses to coach passenger buses, these vehicles weigh anywhere from 10 to 50,000 lbs. *This is 5 to 10 times heavier than the average car, truck, or SUV!

Where to Find Heavy-Duty Towing Services in Washington

The buses on Washington’s highways and roads rely on Pro-Tow to take on those large and heavy jobs. Team Pro-Tow provides emergency towing services, including bus towing. The team has received extensive training in all areas of heavy-duty towing to ensure a safe hookup, transport, and detachment. Moreover, their careful training enables the Pro-Tow team to work efficiently so you and your bus are promptly back on the road.

Equipped to Handle Any Bus Towing

When heavy-duty towing is done safely and efficiently, these buses can be transported thousands of miles beyond Washington. And the reasons for a bus towing service don’t always need to be caused by a roadside emergency. Bus companies and fleet services may require towing for out-of-service vehicles or brand-new buses.

In recent years, the Pro-Tow team has been tasked with towing a 48,000-lb airport coach bus for the eCOBUS company. This task involved a 2,000-mile tow from Vancouver to Las Vegas and a trip through customs. Read more about towing the eCOBUS.

Pro-Tow is equipped and trained to handle any bus or heavy-duty towing situation. In addition, they offer crane services to help recover larger vehicles like buses. The Pro-Tow fleet can tow up to 110,000 lbs. at once, including a bus, RV, motorhome, heavy industrial equipment, or multiple vehicles.

Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road or need fleet transportation, Pro-Tow has the equipment to tow almost any passenger vehicle or piece of heavy equipment.

Revisited: Crane Lift Services Save a Crashed Camper

Revisited: Crane Lift Services Save a Crashed Camper

With warm weather on the horizon, we wanted to share this camper trailer recovery as a reminder for safe and careful driving this summer. In this incident, on July 21, 2021, the Washington State Patrol reached out with an emergency dispatch about an overturned camper trailer and a full-size Dodge pickup. Our Team, Pro-Tow, responded to the call and headed to the accident site near Ritzville, WA.

Our team arrived with a Heavy-Duty Rotating Crane Crane-Style Wrecker, a Medium-Duty Wrecker, and a Specialty Landoll Flatbed Semi-Trailer. We then carefully evaluated the scene and devised a plan for the accident recovery.

Heavy-Duty Highway Recovery Time

With heavy lifting comes heavy machinery that’s made for the job. Our team came prepared with our Heavy-Duty Crane Style Wrecker, which was vital in this accident recovery. Complicated accident recoveries like this one have a few approaches our team could take. While dismantling was possible, it would have taken more time, equipment and personnel. Instead, we put our crane services to good use.

Our operators carefully set up specialty recovery straps, rigging, and high-pressure airbags to perform the overhead crane lift services needed. We wanted to lift the trailer without causing collapse or further damage.

Accident Recovery All Clear

Once the crane lift service was complete, we loaded the vehicle onto our transport and safely strapped down the unit. We then headed to storage, where the owner could drop by and collect belongings as needed. After that, our team returned all used equipment to its original condition and called it a day on this heavy-duty highway recovery.

Crane Lift Services in Washington State

Pro-Tow proudly offers professional crane services. In addition to accident recovery work, we handle HVAC unit installation, precast concrete placement, landscaping material placement, lowboy service, hauling, and more. With customized service and speedy responses, you can always trust Team Pro-Tow to lift heavy things in tough situations.

Drive safely, and have a wonderful spring and summer!