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Pro-Tow’s Fleet Services Helps New Semi-Truck Owners

Pro-Tow’s Fleet Services Helps New Semi-Truck Owners

Working in the heavy transport industry can be challenging and rewarding. New semi-truck owners are needed to fill gaps in the trucking industry, and Team Pro-Tow’s fleet services can help. Here’s how:

24-Hour Heavy-Duty Towing

Any experienced trucker will tell you that their first days on the job were stressful! There is a lot to learn and remember, and that road can be long! Unfortunately, accidents happen, and things can go wrong. The good news is that Pro-Tow has your back.

We offer 24-hour emergency heavy-duty towing services. If your truck breaks down, slides off the road or gets stuck, we will help you out of those sticky situations. Our fleet services include semi-truck towing, accident recovery, and equipment recovery.

Mobile Repair Services

Motorplex is our fleet repair and maintenance division, and we have shops in Auburn and Spokane, Washington. However, our team of technicians can hit the road and head out to wherever needed in Washington State. If your truck breaks down, for whatever reason, and you need a repair on the side of the road, we are just a call away.

If we can’t fix the truck on-site, our operators and tow vehicles are equipped to haul your truck to one of our shops. New semi-truck owners can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.

Load Services

Ensuring your cargo is loaded properly, weight distributed evenly, and tied down correctly is vital to a successful trip. If something happens on the road and that load shifts, we’ll be there. Our complete fleet services include load shift
and cargo re-load services. We can do it on the site of the road, in your yard, or wherever you need us to. We have the equipment to assist with cranes, bobcats and more.

Travel with Peace of Mind

We hope you don’t need our heavy-duty towing services, but if you do, new semi-truck owners will have peace of mind knowing we’re available. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you as you embark on this exciting and rewarding career in the transport industry!

At Pro-Tow, you can count on us at any hour of the day, all days of the year. On top of emergency towing and on-site repairs, we also offer long-distance transport, load transfer, cargo salvage, and short-term vehicle and cargo storage.

Call us today!