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24hr Emergency Services

Auburn, WA

Suite B, 420 H St NW
Auburn, WA 98001

Maple Valley, WA

Suite B, 23933 SE 264th Street
Maple Valley, WA 98038

North Bend, WA

43028 SE North Bend Way
North Bend, WA 98045

Spokane, WA

Suite B, 5815 W Thorpe Rd
Spokane, WA 99224

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Team Pro-Tow is proud of what we accomplish with our 24-hour emergency towing services near Auburn, WA, Spokane, WA and Maple Valley, WA. Whether we are towing a broken-down car or using an overhead crane to lift an entire semi-truck and trailer out of a ditch, you’ll find details, images and video of our accident recoveries on our social media pages. We’ve shared the feeds here, but invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!


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A overturned semi-truck loaded with furniture snarls traffic on Northbound I-5 for the morning commute. Watch the video to see how #TeamProTow handled this accident recovery!
When a vacuum truck flipped over on Federal Way, #TeamProTow was quick to respond! We carefully lifted the tanker back on its wheels and cleared the scene for traffic.

See the story:
#TeamProTow was called in to help with a tipped-over worksite trailer. While on route, the trailer disconnected from the tractor and semi-truck pulling it and then tipped over on the road in #Spokane.

Read more:
#TeamProTow responded to a call to recover a pickup that went off the road into a ravine. Fortunately, the young driver only had minor injuries. Check out the story!
#TeamProTow got a call about a load of potatoes that had spilled into a ditch. The initial report stated there was 5,000 to 10,000 lbs of potatoes. But, after the cargo manifest, we learned it was 19,420 pounds.

Check the blog for the recovery report!
ProTow24HR photo
A semi-truck and trailer missed the turn to the warehouse and turned too quickly into the next driveway. They were in a pickle, but #TeamProTow arrived to get them turned around and back on their way!
A Nissan Rogue went off the road and crashed into a very steep ditch and fell against a tree. Unable to get out alone, our trusty #TeamProTow helped rescue the trapped car.

Fishing this one out of an extremely deep ditch was tricky! See how we did it:
ProTow24HR photo
#TeamProTow responded to a call to recover an overturned semi-truck and trailer near Fall City, WA. Its load of clothing had spilled and needed to be put back into the closet!

View the story:
A truck and trailer were driving along and took a too narrow turn that ended up with its trailer wheels trapped in the muddy ditch at a dairy farm.

Luckily, #TeamProTow was there to save the day and help the trapped truck get free!
When a trailer took a spill on a busy roadway, #TeamProTow arrived to recover the accident, transport the trailer, and open traffic up again.

Check out the story for photos!
#TeamProTow was called to help with a commercial box truck that had gone into the ditch. A Class B Wrecker was needed for heavy-duty towing, which we dispatched to the scene.

Check out our team handled this accident and spill recovery:
#TeamProTow responded to a semi-truck accident that was blocking Exit 53, Westbound on the I-90. The truck was severely damaged and needed immediate recovery.

Check out the story:

#semitruckrecovery #accidentrecovery #semitruckaccident #snoqualmie
ProTow24HR photo
#TeamProTow responded to an unfortunate accident in #Sumner, WA. A Silverado pickup truck went off the road and landed in the ditch. The ditch was down a steep embankment, requiring a complex accident recovery. ProTow24HR photo
We'd say this was a no parking zone on the SR167 near #Auburn, WA. Watch the video to see how #TeamProTow handled this semi-truck tow recovery after an unfortunate collision.
An overturned box truck needed to be lifted out of the ditch. #TeamProTow went fishing and pulled out a big one!

See how we did it in this web story.
ProTow24HR photo
#TeamProTow received a call from Washington State Police about a jackknifed semi-accident west of Davenport, WA. Because of the icy road conditions, we needed to bring a Rotating Crane Style HD Wrecker.

Check out how we recovered this semi-truck accident.
ProTow24HR photo
Team Pro-Tow responds to an overturned dump truck on the !-405 during rush hour traffic. See how we got this 90,000lbs truck back on it's wheels!
In this incident, a RAV4 had gone off the road and into the ditch. Unfortunately, there had been severe weather and flooding, and the RAV4 found itself stuck in a pond.

#TeamProTow quickly responded with our emergency towing service. See what we did.
#TeamProTow responded to a disabled Fire Truck in downtown Seattle. The average fire truck weighs between 36,000 to 60,000 pounds! This job needed an extraordinary tow truck and special training to handle its recovery.

See how we did it:
A brand new excavator hit a bridge, rolled over, and required heavy equipment recovery. Team Pro-Tow used our heavy-duty crane-style wrecker to lift the excavator back on solid ground.

Read how we did it, and how you can prevent heavy equipment rollovers.
ProTow24HR photo
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