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Auburn, WA

Suite B, 420 H St NW
Auburn, WA 98001

Maple Valley, WA

Suite B, 23933 SE 264th Street
Maple Valley, WA 98038

North Bend, WA

43028 SE North Bend Way
North Bend, WA 98045

Spokane, WA

Suite B, 5815 W Thorpe Rd
Spokane, WA 99224

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Team Pro-Tow is proud of what we accomplish with our 24-hour emergency towing services near Auburn, WA, Spokane, WA and Maple Valley, WA. Whether we are towing a broken-down car or using an overhead crane to lift an entire semi-truck and trailer out of a ditch, you’ll find details, images and video of our accident recoveries on our social media pages. We’ve shared the feeds here, but invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!


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A jackknifed semi-truck lodged into a concrete barrier, causing about 200 gallons of diesel fuel to spill on the road and ditch. #TeamProTow and Pro-Enviro got to work on this cleanup and recovery.

View more in this week's web story!
ProTow24HR photo
Maybe you’ve heard the saying before, what comes up must go down. But, in this case, it was the opposite. A dump truck flew over a metal guardrail and went 150 feet down a steep embankment. So, #TeamProTow lifted it back out!

Check it out:
ProTow24HR photo
A semi-trailer full of gravel dislodged and jammed into the frame of a 2013 Peterbilt tractor. #TeamProTow dislodged the trailer and performed an overhead lift to get it on a replacement transport.

Check out the details in this week's web story!
ProTow24HR photo
We want to thank you for all your support and business in 2022. Our teams and families in Auburn, Spokane, Maple Valley, and North Bend wish you a happy and healthy new year.

Here's to 2023!

All of us at Pro-Tow, Pro-Enviro, and Motorplex would like to wish you all the best this holiday season. May you have a safe and joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

#merrychristmas #christmas2022 #happyholidays
#TeamProTow was called in to help with a car that had gone into a retention pond in Maple Valley, WA. The vehicle was completely submerged!

Click the link for the full report and more photos of this recovery!
ProTow24HR photo
During rush hour traffic, an army convoy vehicle blew a tire chain on the I-405. #TeamProTow was called to lift the 40,000 lbs. vehicle so the repair could be made and traffic could flow again.

Click to view the web story and see more!
ProTow24HR photo
A truck and trailer carrying a load tipped over and needed help. #TeamProTow was called to the scene. The trailer load also appeared to be a mushroom product that needed some straightening.

See how we did it!
#TeamProTow offers 24-hour towing services for light auto, medium trucks, and heavy duty towing for Class 7 and higher trucks. No matter the weight, we have the equipment to solve any challenge you may have for us.

Check out our towing services here:
ProTow24HR photo
A trailer melted in the middle and collapsed on the I-405 near Renton, WA. #TeamProTow recovered the cargo, hauled off the trailer, and cleaned up the scene.

View this week's web story for more info and photos!
ProTow24HR photo
What do you do when your semi-truck tips over? Call #TeamProTow! See how we contained a damaged fuel tank and got this truck back on its wheels in #Pacific, WA.

It's all in this week's blog post!
ProTow24HR photo
A motorhome driver parked too close to the ditch and almost tipped over. Thankfully a tree was there to support the RV while #TeamProTow worked on towing it to safety!

View more in the web story!

#motorhomerecovery #emergencytowing #heavytowing
ProTow24HR photo
A vehicle was stolen and driven into the water near Seattle in Puget sound. #TeamProTow responded to a call from Tide Management #Seattle PD to help with the water recovery.

Check out the story and images here:

#waterrecovery #accidentrecovery
ProTow24HR photo
A car flew off the road and landed in the Cedar River. #TeamProTow was fit to rig it up and fish it back out without causing more damage to the sensitive river bank. ProTow24HR photo
A propane truck slid off the road during a severe winter storm. #TeamProTow responded to the call and came to the rescue!

With winter around the corner, stay safe and on the road with these heavy truck winter driving tips!
A dump truck hit the ditch in #Ravensdale, causing significant damage to the fuel tank. We estimate that 50 gallons of fuel needed to be cleaned up in this incident. See how #TeamProTow and #TeamProEnviro handled the recovery.
In this incident, a feed truck with a trailer took a turn too tightly, and its trailer ended up slipping into the muddy ditch and became stuck. In need of a heavy-duty towing rescue, #TeamProTow responded to the call for help.
A semi-truck accident on Highway 18 caused a container of clothing to tip and spill. See how #TeamProTow recovered the accident and packed those clothes back into the closet for transport!
A semi-truck and trailer went into the ditch at a curve causing the truck and trailer loaded with potatoes to tip against the embankment.

#TeamProTow came to the rescue at Tiger Mountain! See how we recovered this potato load.
#TeamProTow recovers an overturned camping trailer on the SR18 near Federal Way, WA. See how we rigged the camper to prevent damage and get it on the trailer in one piece! Later, we got the trailer back on it's wheels for safe transport. ProTow24HR photo
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