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Tipped Over Trailer Needs Cargo Recovery

Back in May 2021, Team Pro-Tow was called for cargo recovery services while helping to manage the reopening of I-90. This was after a semi-truck became detached from its trailer and nearly tumbled down part of the embankment before being stopped by a barrier and overturning itself.

We eventually learned that the semi-truck towing the trailer lost its fifth-wheel hitch at some point, causing the trailer to separate from the semi-truck. A heavy load of paper rolls shifted, which may or may not have contributed to the tipover and need for heavy-duty trailer recovery. Luckily, everyone involved was safe.

Pro-Tow safely and quickly managed the reopening of the I-90 with minimal disruptions to traffic. Our team utilized a heavy-duty rotating crane wrecker for this efficient semi-truck recovery and cargo recovery. Many lessons can be learned from events such as this to prevent these incidents or to prevent more serious incidents on the road.

Understanding Load Shifts

For semi-trucks carrying any large load, it is crucial that all cargo is properly secured and stored before getting on the road. When cargo is not secured or stored properly in the trailer, load shifts occur. These cause the weight of the cargo to shift, which then causes an imbalance for the truck and trailer. These load shifts have the potential to lead to serious on-road incidents.

Even once the cargo is properly loaded, the driver should perform one last inspection to ensure everything is balanced and secure. An inspection can help prevent any load shifting.

Once on the road, a driver may be able to notice or feel the load shifting before anything serious happens. Oftentimes, it is within their ability to adjust the load and cargo. However, if the driver cannot reposition the load safely, it is imperative to stop driving. As we saw in the recovery report above, shifting loads will lead to dangers like the loss of connection between the trailer and semi-truck.

What to do in an Emergency

Drivers who notice the load shifting should immediately pull over and inspect the issue. If the driver cannot fix the issue, it is time to call for heavy-duty trailer recovery or load shift services. We offer both!

In emergencies such as the one above, an immediate call for cargo and semi-truck recovery is the first step after ensuring everyone involved is safe or if emergency services are needed. When non-hazardous cargo is involved, it is still important to contact a team for professional and quick heavy-duty trailer, semi-truck, and cargo recovery. Team Pro-Tow has the tools, experience, and knowledge to recover the load and get it back on the road as soon as possible.


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