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Tipped Over Trailer Needs Cargo Recovery

Tipped Over Trailer Needs Cargo Recovery

Back in May 2021, Team Pro-Tow was called for cargo recovery services while helping to manage the reopening of I-90. This was after a semi-truck became detached from its trailer and nearly tumbled down part of the embankment before being stopped by a barrier and overturning itself.

We eventually learned that the semi-truck towing the trailer lost its fifth-wheel hitch at some point, causing the trailer to separate from the semi-truck. A heavy load of paper rolls shifted, which may or may not have contributed to the tipover and need for heavy-duty trailer recovery. Luckily, everyone involved was safe.

Pro-Tow safely and quickly managed the reopening of the I-90 with minimal disruptions to traffic. Our team utilized a heavy-duty rotating crane wrecker for this efficient semi-truck recovery and cargo recovery. Many lessons can be learned from events such as this to prevent these incidents or to prevent more serious incidents on the road.

Understanding Load Shifts

For semi-trucks carrying any large load, it is crucial that all cargo is properly secured and stored before getting on the road. When cargo is not secured or stored properly in the trailer, load shifts occur. These cause the weight of the cargo to shift, which then causes an imbalance for the truck and trailer. These load shifts have the potential to lead to serious on-road incidents.

Even once the cargo is properly loaded, the driver should perform one last inspection to ensure everything is balanced and secure. An inspection can help prevent any load shifting.

Once on the road, a driver may be able to notice or feel the load shifting before anything serious happens. Oftentimes, it is within their ability to adjust the load and cargo. However, if the driver cannot reposition the load safely, it is imperative to stop driving. As we saw in the recovery report above, shifting loads will lead to dangers like the loss of connection between the trailer and semi-truck.

What to do in an Emergency

Drivers who notice the load shifting should immediately pull over and inspect the issue. If the driver cannot fix the issue, it is time to call for heavy-duty trailer recovery or load shift services. We offer both!

In emergencies such as the one above, an immediate call for cargo and semi-truck recovery is the first step after ensuring everyone involved is safe or if emergency services are needed. When non-hazardous cargo is involved, it is still important to contact a team for professional and quick heavy-duty trailer, semi-truck, and cargo recovery. Team Pro-Tow has the tools, experience, and knowledge to recover the load and get it back on the road as soon as possible.

Mushrooms Down Accident Recovery

Mushrooms Down Accident Recovery

In this incident, on November 23, 2021, a truck and trailer carrying a load tipped over and needed help. Team Pro-Tow was called to the scene for the accident recovery, so we set out immediately.

Once we arrived, our team did a routine scene inspection to decide the best approach. Using our large inflatable lifting bags and some rigging would do the trick in this incident. The trailer load also appeared to be a mushroom product that needed some straightening.

Accident Recovery with Lifting Bags

Our team started by sliding the inflatable bags all along the underside of the trailer and then began inflating them. As they raised, it started lifting the truck and trailer. Once it was up enough, we could get some strap rigging on the unit to lift everything back onto its wheels fully. Our accident recovery task was completed with the trailer ready to roll and the mushroom product reloaded.

Trailer Recovery Methods

When it comes to rescuing trucks and trailers, our team has a few different approaches. While it comes down to the nature of the incident, we always bring our equipment and trained personnel for the job. However, in this case, with the trailer flat on its side, we couldn’t simply lift and rig the unit.

Instead, we utilize clever rescue mechanics when needed. As in this incident, we used inflatable air cushions to help out. These handy lifting bags can easily slide underneath a truck or trailer. Once in place, our team then begins slowly filling them with air. As the cushion fills up, it slowly lifts the unit into the air. We do this just enough to use our other equipment, whether rigging, a bobcat, crane or other tools. Once the bags have done their job, we can safely and efficiently finish the trailer recovery process and call it a day.

Digging Potatoes – Spud Spill Cleanup

Digging Potatoes – Spud Spill Cleanup

On January 2, 2020, we got a call about a load of potatoes that had spilled into a ditch. The initial report stated that around 5,000 to 10,000 pounds of potatoes needed recovery. But, after the cargo manifest, we learned it was 19,420 pounds! So, we requested some images to help form a recovery plan, including what equipment to bring.

After reviewing the images, we settled on bringing a flatbed dump trailer, a compact track loader with buckets and sweeping attachments, a commercial Landoll flatbed trailer, grain sacks to store the spilled potatoes, and a road closure kit. Once ready, Pro-Tow and Pro-Enviro headed out for this cargo recovery.

Scooping Up Potatoes

At the scene, we quickly realized that the images hadn’t quite captured the full depth of the cargo recovery and spill cleanup. For example, the ditch was greater than 10 feet deep and located about 20 feet away from the side of the roadway. There were also parts of the vehicle scattered across the road. In addition, a ravine at the bottom of the trench created wet conditions while we worked. These factors would make the spill recovery difficult.

We put together a new, better recovery plan despite the many challenging factors. While digging out the potatoes with shovels, we also set up a platform for the excavator. Once we set that up, we used the excavator to remove the potatoes and put them into the grain sacks. The work still proved to be more challenging than thought, with the different trench conditions and then it started raining. Still, our team didn’t quit or give up but diligently continued to scoop and bag potatoes.

Potatoes Cleared. Call Cleared.

After several hours it started to become dark, so we called in some additional help for the last stretch of the spill cleanup. Eventually, we got every potato cleaned up and bagged. With that part finally handled, we loaded up all our equipment and cleaned the debris left from the accident. We also used the compact track loader with a bucket attachment to smooth the land which got disturbed during the cargo recovery.

Before leaving, we cleared everything else up and then headed back to the storage yard. There, we would store the potatoes until the owner determined a plan for them. Then, before calling it a day, we reconditioned and stored all the equipment in its original locations.

Crane Services Lift in the Heartland

Crane Services Lift in the Heartland

On February 2, 2020, a trailer at a loading dock was damaged on its stands and fell over. They called Team Pro-Tow to help upright the trailer again, using our crane service equipment. The trailer recovery was complete once we got the Heartland Express upright and secured.

Crane Services

Team Pro-Tow is fully outfitted with heavy lifting machinery and crane equipment. Our operators are also highly-trained and compliant with health and safety standards and procedures. Whether you need lifting or loading for a heavy object, recovery, or trailer, our team can help. We have over two decades of professional crane service experience to help with any job, no matter big or small. We provide a customized solution for each service needed to fit your needs.

Not Always an Accident Recovery

While our team Pro-Tow can help with semi-truck accident recovery, it isn’t the only thing we do. Sometimes our crane services are called in to help with incidents like this, where an upright and trailer recovery is needed. Customers have used our crane service to lift old vehicles out of an enclosed yard, move shipping containers, and rescue tipped over heavy machinery. Our service is available to residential, commercial, and industrial clientele.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Crane operation is a tough job, and you need the right team, training, and specialized tools to do it. We use an LTM 1150 hydraulic crane. It has incredible lift capacity and can be adjusted to complete complex jobs of all weights, shapes, and sizes. Our crane services can assist with commercial HVAC unit installation, landscaping and lumber placement, lowboy service and hauling, truss placement, and more!

Team Pro-Tow offers crane lift services and 24-hour emergency towing in Spokane, Maple Valley, Auburn, and North Bend.

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Beef at 47 Cargo and Truck Recovery

Beef at 47 Cargo and Truck Recovery

On February 26, 2021, a transport trucker lost a snow chain on the I-90, westbound at exit 47. When the snow chain snapped, it damaged his tire, which led to damage to his fully-loaded semi-trailer. The damage was mainly to the structural frame of the trailer and fuel line, resulting in fuel to steam on the road and adjacent snowpack.

Fuel spill recovery

This accident needed fuel spill recovery, as well as heavy-duty towing and cargo recovery. Because of the accident, the trailer refrigerator wasn’t running, and it was carrying 38,000 pounds of frozen beef. Upon investigation, the customer saw that the fuel spill was severe. We estimate there were 10 to 20 gallons of fuel that required fuel spill recovery.

Team Pro-Enviro went to work to repair the leaky fuel line, contain the spill, and with extensive cleanup of the road and surrounding snowbanks. Meanwhile, Team Pro-Tow created a recovery plan to complete trailer recovery to save the beef, and heavy-duty towing services. Read more about Pro-Enviro’s spill recovery efforts with this incident.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Team Pro-Tow brought a heavy-duty wrecker that could tow the trailer and its 38,000-pound load of valuable beef. Fortunately, we repaired the fuel and electrical lines to the refrigerator to save the cow!

After we repaired the trailer and Pro-Enviro had completed the cleanup, we could load it up for safe transport. The client was happy that the incident didn’t spoil the beef, and it was a successful cargo recovery. Once we got our equipment back to the shop, we cleaned and conditioned everything for the next job.

Working as a Team

When there is a semi-truck accident that involves a fuel or oil spill, Team Pro-Tow and Team Pro-Enviro work together on the response. Pro-Tow handles the complex heavy-duty towing, including complicated crane lift and uprighting of extremely heavy trucks and equipment. However, before that can happen, Pro-Enviro ensures fuel spill containment and repairs to prevent further contamination during transport of the casualty. Pro-Enviro also takes care of spill recovery and cleanup.

If an accident requires an experienced heavy-duty recovery team, you can always call on Pro-Tow.