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Revisited: Semi-Truck Fire in Issaquah

Revisited: In March 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to a call about a semi-truck fire blocking the I-90. The fire was out, but the tractor and trailer were completely destroyed. The Washington State Police required our heavy-duty tow truck to the scene and truck fire recovery crews for the cleanup.

Fast on the Scene for Truck Fire Recovery

With the remnants of the semi-truck fire obstructing the highway, this truck fire recovery needed immediate action. We promptly assembled a team and deployed heavy-duty equipment to the scene. The aftermath of the fire presented a challenge, requiring a thorough cleanup and the removal of all contaminated materials.

Hauling Off the Burnt Mess

After surveying the scene, we created a truck recovery plan to remove the burned tractor from the scene. We carefully rigged up the tractor and lifted it onto a flatbed trailer. We were able to do the same with the trailer and larger debris. Then, our heavy-duty towing service removed the casualties from the area.

Truck Fire Recovery and Cleanup

Then, our cleanup crew got to work on the remaining mess. Team Pro-Enviro used an industrial-grade grapple and Bobcat compact track loader to pick up the debris. We also used a specialized street sweeper to get the smaller bits. Once all the ashes, debris, truck parts and contaminated materials were safely cleaned up and secured on a dump trailer, we hauled it off for safe and regulation-compliant disposal.

We worked through the night, but by morning, we had the I-90 completely restored as if the accident never happened. The WSP was happy to open the roadway to all regular travel.

What Caused the Fire?

We are not certain what caused the semi-truck fire in this instance, but several things could have set a tractor ablaze.

  • Faulty Electrical: an electrical short from a battery, wire, alternator, fuse panel, or other electrical components can cause a fire. If these components are overheating, they can cause nearby parts, like diesel hoses, to ignite. Water from rain or washing entering the engine compartment can cause electrical components to short circuit.
  • Brakes, Wheel Bearings, and Tires: While these components usually cause a trailer fire, they are also common ignition sources. When they are worn out, they can cause more friction and even a fire!
  • Vehicle Accident: Bad vehicle accidents can cause semi-truck fires. For example, if the fuel tank is compromised and metal hitting the road during the accident causes sparks, it could ignite.

Proactive fleet maintenance can prevent many fires. Owners and fleet managers should inspect the vehicle before and after every trip, including the electrical systems, brakes, bearings, and tires, to ensure they are in good, safe condition.

If you ever need accident or truck fire recovery or heavy-duty towing services in Washington State, call Pro-Tow!



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