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Mushrooms Down Accident Recovery

Mushrooms Down Accident Recovery

In this incident, on November 23, 2021, a truck and trailer carrying a load tipped over and needed help. Team Pro-Tow was called to the scene for the accident recovery, so we set out immediately.

Once we arrived, our team did a routine scene inspection to decide the best approach. Using our large inflatable lifting bags and some rigging would do the trick in this incident. The trailer load also appeared to be a mushroom product that needed some straightening.

Accident Recovery with Lifting Bags

Our team started by sliding the inflatable bags all along the underside of the trailer and then began inflating them. As they raised, it started lifting the truck and trailer. Once it was up enough, we could get some strap rigging on the unit to lift everything back onto its wheels fully. Our accident recovery task was completed with the trailer ready to roll and the mushroom product reloaded.

Trailer Recovery Methods

When it comes to rescuing trucks and trailers, our team has a few different approaches. While it comes down to the nature of the incident, we always bring our equipment and trained personnel for the job. However, in this case, with the trailer flat on its side, we couldn’t simply lift and rig the unit.

Instead, we utilize clever rescue mechanics when needed. As in this incident, we used inflatable air cushions to help out. These handy lifting bags can easily slide underneath a truck or trailer. Once in place, our team then begins slowly filling them with air. As the cushion fills up, it slowly lifts the unit into the air. We do this just enough to use our other equipment, whether rigging, a bobcat, crane or other tools. Once the bags have done their job, we can safely and efficiently finish the trailer recovery process and call it a day.

Semi-Truck Tip Over in Pacific, WA

Semi-Truck Tip Over in Pacific, WA

In this incident, on April 26, 2022, a semi-truck tipped over on the roadway and needed a lift and semi-truck towing. Luckily, Team Pro-Tow could respond to the call for help.

Once at the scene, we started with our scene assessment. We saw the fuel tank suffered damage, so we began by containing that before the semi-truck recovery.

Lifting It Up – Moving It Out

We were able to contain the spill and prevent any contamination from spilling onto the road. First, we straightened out the semi-truck before hitching it to tow away. Then, we hauled the truck away and called it a day on the successful rescue.

Preventing a Semi-Truck Tip Over

Semi-truck tipping isn’t a matter to take lightly. It can cause serious crashes, injuring the driver and causing significant damages and delays.

With big vehicles, their centres of gravity are much higher, making them more at risk of tipping. A few key things are related to causing these sorts of incidents, and by taking extra care and precautions, you can help prevent accidents. Of course, pro-Tow will always be there to help upright your semi-truck and load, but prevention is a much better idea!

Tip Over Causes Leading to Semi-Truck Recovery

Going too fast: Speeding through a curve can throw off the semi-trucks centre of gravity and cause it to tip.

Not paying attention: Distracted driving is another risk, whether from electronics or being too tired during a long trip. When such distraction leads to a sudden maneuver, it risks, and often results in, a semi-truck tip over.

Imbalanced cargo loading: Poor cargo loading is another risk, either from the poorly secured or unbalanced weight. If your load shifts, give us a call before an accident occurs. Pro-Tow can help with load shifts by ensuring your load is secured correctly so you and your cargo can continue safely.

Wind and weather: Take note of weather conditions before every trip. Rain, snow, fog, ice, and wind can worsen road conditions, so adjusting to those conditions while driving is essential.

If you find yourself in a jam, rely on Pro-Tow for heavy duty and semi-truck towing.

Pro-Tow has built a solid reputation in getting heavy trucks and equipment out of unique and challenging situations. If you need heavy equipment or semi-truck towing, just give us a call!

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Water Recovery: Stolen Hemi Drives into Puget Sound

Water Recovery: Stolen Hemi Drives into Puget Sound

In this incident, on December 5, 2021, a vehicle was stolen and driven into the water near Seattle in Puget sound. Team Pro-Tow responded to a call from Tide Management Seattle PD to help with the water recovery. We gathered the necessary equipment and set out for the scene.

Once we arrived at the water, our team did a scene assessment to decide the best way to handle the emergency towing. Then, it was time to get to work.

Water Recovery of the Stuck Car

We started by positioning our equipment for a hook-up, then used a light-style rigging kit and spreader bar. We then hooked it up to the unit, lifted the vehicle, and loaded it onto the flatbed. Our team then unhooked it and returned the equipment and rotator to their driving condition. Finally, we returned to the storage unit, completed the paperwork and gave the all-clear call.

Local Teamwork for Emergency Towing

While we are fully prepared to handle any situation, we partner up as needed. Depending on the case, we work may alongside government agencies and local authorities for accident recoveries or emergency towing, as in this situation.

Working together ensures every party has the correct information and can move forward on the recovery together with a solid plan. In some incidents, a government agency or local authority may have extra information that we wouldn’t otherwise have. In this case, we had the schedule of the tide waters, so we could safely rescue the vehicle and make a water recovery without risk.

Working with local authorities and organizations is also extra important to protect the environment. For example, a nearby storm drain at risk of contamination or a vehicle in the water needs to be dealt with quickly. The unnecessary pollution can quickly cause damage to the environment and local wildlife and pollute drinking water.

Pro-Tow is proud to work and collaborate with other knowledgeable and experienced organizations to get the job done!

If you need emergency towing services or accident recovery, call Team Pro-Tow!

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Heavy Truck Winter Driving Tips

Heavy Truck Winter Driving Tips

In this incident, which happened on February 23, 2022, a propane truck slid off the road during a severe winter storm. Team Pro-Tow responded to help with the heavy truck towing rescue. We prepared the necessary equipment and then set out.

Recovering the Off-Road Propane Truck

Our team worked quickly and efficiently in the chilly winter air to rescue the propane truck. We used our heavy-duty crane to secure the truck and move it back onto the road. Fortunately, this incident was not on the main roadway and didn’t cause an accident or disrupt traffic.

Winter is approaching, meaning another year of winter driving conditions is just around the corner. With that in mind, we’ve put together some heavy truck winter driving tips.

Heads Up: Heavy Truck Winter Driving Tips

Before even getting on the road, do a pre-trip inspection. Doing so helps catch any issues before they can develop and cause an accident. While inspecting, take the chance to clean off any snow and ice, especially from the roof, lights, and windows. Snow in those areas can diminish your visibility.

Driver a Little Slower

Even on straight stretches of road, don’t drive at full speed. Black ice or hidden dangers can cause accidents before you realize the poor conditions. In addition, it’s important to drive slowly and carefully when going around corners, as they are common areas for slipping off the road.

Even if you’re just moving around a loading or storage yard, heavy snow, slushy, wet, and icy conditions can cause your vehicle to slide off the road. Then, you’ll need heavy truck towing like the propane truck in this report!

Brake and Accelerate Slowly

Avoid suddenly starting or stopping when driving on winter roads or in icy or rainy weather. Sudden stops can cause the tires to slip and lead to an accident. Instead, if you have to stop suddenly and can’t gear down, try lightly pumping the brakes, which helps reduce locking the tires. Likewise, when accelerating, don’t push down aggressively on the accelerator. On slippery roads, you’ll only have your tires slip out. You don’t want your trailer to slide and cause a severe accident.

Remember, winter road safety is always first and foremost. But, unfortunately, we know that you cannot avoid all accidents. So, if you need heavy truck towing, Team Pro-Tow is here to help!

Pro-Tow has built a solid reputation in getting heavy trucks and equipment out of unique and challenging situations. If you need heavy equipment or semi-truck towing, just give us a call!

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Feed Truck in the Ditch Needs Heavy Duty Towing

Feed Truck in the Ditch Needs Heavy Duty Towing

In this incident on January 11, 2022, a feed truck with a trailer took a turn too tightly, and its trailer ended up slipping into the muddy ditch and became stuck. In need of a heavy-duty towing rescue, Team Pro-Tow responded to the call for help.

We gathered the necessary equipment for the rescue and then set out for the scene.

Set Out for Semi-Truck Towing

Once we arrived at the scene, we started with an assessment to plan the best way to rescue the trailer. Then, using our specialized heavy duty towing equipment, we settled on the way to lift it out. Finally, we secured the trailer and lifted it to place it back on the road. Once we got it back on solid ground, the truck and trailer continued on their way.

In any condition, but especially during wet conditions, it’s essential to take wider corners. Doing so provides enough room to safely get around the corners without getting into an accident or slipping into any ditches. Sometimes all it takes is one tire off the pavement to suck the trailer into the ditch!

When You Need Heavy Duty-Towing

In incidents like these where drivers are in trouble, Pro-Tow is always ready to help. We offer 24-hour emergency semi-truck towing services and have the equipment to deal with any towing situation. We have 50-ton mobile cranes, every size of tow truck and flatbed, and our team is fully certified and experienced. No matter the trouble, we can solve any problem with professionalism and speed so you can get back on the road quickly.

In this incident, we could quickly get the semi-truck and driver back on the road. There wasn’t heavy damage, and they could carry on with their task. In other incidents, we can bring the vehicle back to our storage yard when it is heavily damaged. We can also provide on-site repairs as needed.

Pro-Tow has built a solid reputation in getting heavy trucks and equipment out of unique and challenging situations. If you need heavy equipment or semi-truck towing, just give us a call!

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