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Wanted to Be Free: Mobile Trailer Recovery

Wanted to Be Free: Mobile Trailer Recovery

In this incident, on January 12, 2022, Team Pro-Tow was called in to help with a tipped-over worksite trailer. While on route, the trailer disconnected from the tractor and semi-truck pulling it and then tipped over on the road in Spokane.

Avoid Needing Accident Recovery

Upon arrival, we hooked up the worksite trailer and uprighted it. It’s always important to double-check that your trailer or load is properly hitched. It’s too easy for a trailer to slip free, leading to severe accidents or unwanted delays. While loading up the trailer, ensure the hitch size matches the coupler and that all hitch components are tight before you couple the trailer to the tow vehicle. After your trip, always do a post-trip inspection to ensure you don’t need accident recovery services while on the road.

Check the Trailer

Pre-trip inspections should always include a full trailer equipment inspection and hitch and towing equipment. In addition, preventative inspections and maintenance can help you avoid needing trailer recovery services.

If you do come across any trailer issues, call Motorplex for help. Motorplex offers on-site and mobile repairs, even for trailer equipment. Motorplex also offers preventative trailer maintenance.

Some issues can be signs of rust or bending, damaged safety chains, or a poorly greased hitch ball and coupler. On-the-road issues can be the trailer swaying, wobbling, or fishtailing. Proactive trailer maintenance will avoid needing trailer recovery help and keeps you safer.

Recovery Services Throughout Washington State

Being proactive with self-checks and having a professional inspection is the best way to stay safe. While Team Pro-Tow will always come to help when called, it’s best to avoid getting in trouble and needing accident recovery services. We serve Washington State with locations in Spokane, Auburn, Maple Valley, and North Bend.

Team Pro-Tow offers crane lift services and 24-hour emergency towing in Spokane, Maple Valley, Auburn, and North Bend.

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Digging Potatoes – Spud Spill Cleanup

Digging Potatoes – Spud Spill Cleanup

On January 2, 2020, we got a call about a load of potatoes that had spilled into a ditch. The initial report stated that around 5,000 to 10,000 pounds of potatoes needed recovery. But, after the cargo manifest, we learned it was 19,420 pounds! So, we requested some images to help form a recovery plan, including what equipment to bring.

After reviewing the images, we settled on bringing a flatbed dump trailer, a compact track loader with buckets and sweeping attachments, a commercial Landoll flatbed trailer, grain sacks to store the spilled potatoes, and a road closure kit. Once ready, Pro-Tow and Pro-Enviro headed out for this cargo recovery.

Scooping Up Potatoes

At the scene, we quickly realized that the images hadn’t quite captured the full depth of the cargo recovery and spill cleanup. For example, the ditch was greater than 10 feet deep and located about 20 feet away from the side of the roadway. There were also parts of the vehicle scattered across the road. In addition, a ravine at the bottom of the trench created wet conditions while we worked. These factors would make the spill recovery difficult.

We put together a new, better recovery plan despite the many challenging factors. While digging out the potatoes with shovels, we also set up a platform for the excavator. Once we set that up, we used the excavator to remove the potatoes and put them into the grain sacks. The work still proved to be more challenging than thought, with the different trench conditions and then it started raining. Still, our team didn’t quit or give up but diligently continued to scoop and bag potatoes.

Potatoes Cleared. Call Cleared.

After several hours it started to become dark, so we called in some additional help for the last stretch of the spill cleanup. Eventually, we got every potato cleaned up and bagged. With that part finally handled, we loaded up all our equipment and cleaned the debris left from the accident. We also used the compact track loader with a bucket attachment to smooth the land which got disturbed during the cargo recovery.

Before leaving, we cleared everything else up and then headed back to the storage yard. There, we would store the potatoes until the owner determined a plan for them. Then, before calling it a day, we reconditioned and stored all the equipment in its original locations.

Emergency Towing for a Nissan Rogue at 51

Emergency Towing for a Nissan Rogue at 51

In this incident on May 4, 2021, a Nissan Rogue went off the road and crashed into a very steep ditch and fell against a tree. Unable to get out alone, our trusty Team Pro-Tow responded to a call to help rescue the trapped car.

Our team arrived at the scene with one of our long-reaching cranes for the emergency towing rescue. We did a scene assessment to decide the best way to rescue the car before getting to work. After extending the crane arm out extremely far, we managed to reach and safely fish out the Nissan Rogue. 

Emergency Towing Services

You can always rely on Team Pro-Tow for 24-hour towing services when you’re in need. We specialize in emergency towing for vehicle failures and offer onsite repairs, complicated accident recoveries, and safe transport.
Our team also offers 24-hour emergency towing services, so if your car breaks down in the middle of the night, we can help. Beyond having the equipment and training to handle medium to heavy-duty towing, our team is there for ALL vehicles, and we offer light auto towing.

Light Auto Towing When You’re in Need

Like this incident involving a Nissan Rogue, our team is there to help with any car and light truck with 24-hour towing support. We can also help you move a parked vehicle, if that is what you need. We have flatbeds, wreckers, special project transport, cranes, unlocks, winch outs, accident services and more and can offer creative solutions for your car trouble.

Team Pro-Tow will come to you and provide all the support you need so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. We understand that breaking down is stressful, so our operators offer a friendly and fast service so that you can get on with your day and have peace of mind it is taken care of.

Contact us for light auto towing, whenever you’re in need!

If you need emergency towing, Team Pro-Tow is always just a call away!

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Heavy Truck Towing for When You’re Stuck in the Mud

Heavy Truck Towing for When You’re Stuck in the Mud

In this incident, on January 11, 2022, a truck and trailer were driving along and took a too narrow turn that ended up with its trailer wheels trapped in the muddy ditch at a dairy farm. Luckily, Team Pro-Team was there to save the day and help the trapped truck get free.

Heavy Truck Towing for the Stuck Truck

Team Pro-Tow arrived on the scene promptly prepared for some heavy-truck towing. The truck in the mud was about 80,000 pounds, so it took some muscle to get it out of the ditch! We set up the rigging around the stuck truck, carefully pulled it free, and set it back onto the road.

The good news for the truck driver is that our Team Pro-Tow offers 24-hour emergency towing services, including heavy truck towing. So even in cases like these, where it’s not a major accident, our team is always ready and able to help.

Avoid Needing Semi-Truck Towing

While we can always help with a stuck truck and trailer, the best practice is to avoid the problem altogether. Still, it can be a problem at loading lots, especially during the warmer months that bring rain and muddy conditions.

The first step is to walk around your truck to check the ground in front and behind your rig. If you aren’t sure how stable or soft the ground is, it’s best to avoid driving or parking on it. Being extra careful, and taking time to inspect the ground, can help you avoid the cost of semi-truck towing.

This rule also applies in the winter. After parking your truck, wait 10-15 minutes, then move the truck forward or backwards. As your tires cool down, it can melt the snow beneath the tires. When that snow refreezes, it turns icy and can make your truck stuck. Moving off the melted patch will save you from getting stuck during a roadside break or while loading your cargo.

If you need emergency towing, Team Pro-Tow is always just a call away!

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Leaning to the Left Box Truck Recovery

Leaning to the Left Box Truck Recovery

On June 11, 2021, Team Pro-Tow was called to help with a commercial box truck that had gone into the ditch. State Patrol requested a Class B Wrecker to help handle the heavy-duty towing, which we dispatched to the scene.

Box Truck Recovery

Once we arrived at the scene, we assessed the condition of the box truck. The truck had left the roadway and climbed the embankment on the right side of the highway before rolling over onto the driver’s side. With approval from WSP, we dispatched an HD Rotating crane to help in the recovery.

Team Pro-Enviro deployed the rigging on the rear of the casualty and lifted it with the HD Rotating Crane Style Wrecker. We placed the truck’s rear on the roadway shoulder, repeated the rigging on the front and shifted it to the shoulder.

Heavy-Duty Towing & Spill Cleanup

When the vehicle was ready for heavy-duty towing, Team Pro-Enviro stepped in to handle the cleanup. First, we dispatched an Environmental truck, Flatbed Truck, and Vac Trailer to clean up the fuel and oil spill in the ditch. Then using containment socks, absorbent pads, and vac trailer supplies, Team Pro-Enviro cleared and cleaned the spill.

They also removed approximately 1900 gallons of mixed contaminated soil and liquid. As with any clean-up job, Team Pro-Enviro worked carefully until everything was back to normal.

Meanwhile, Team Pro-Tow took the casualty back to the storage yard and unloaded it in a secured storage area. We also placed a contamination containment pond under the vehicle to catch any drips or spills. Finally, all equipment to its original location and condition and completed the paperwork. This box truck recovery was complete!

Read more details of how Pro-Enviro handled the spill recovery.