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Revisited: Crane Lift Services Save a Crashed Camper

Revisited: Crane Lift Services Save a Crashed Camper

With warm weather on the horizon, we wanted to share this camper trailer recovery as a reminder for safe and careful driving this summer. In this incident, on July 21, 2021, the Washington State Patrol reached out with an emergency dispatch about an overturned camper trailer and a full-size Dodge pickup. Our Team, Pro-Tow, responded to the call and headed to the accident site near Ritzville, WA.

Our team arrived with a Heavy-Duty Rotating Crane Crane-Style Wrecker, a Medium-Duty Wrecker, and a Specialty Landoll Flatbed Semi-Trailer. We then carefully evaluated the scene and devised a plan for the accident recovery.

Heavy-Duty Highway Recovery Time

With heavy lifting comes heavy machinery that’s made for the job. Our team came prepared with our Heavy-Duty Crane Style Wrecker, which was vital in this accident recovery. Complicated accident recoveries like this one have a few approaches our team could take. While dismantling was possible, it would have taken more time, equipment and personnel. Instead, we put our crane services to good use.

Our operators carefully set up specialty recovery straps, rigging, and high-pressure airbags to perform the overhead crane lift services needed. We wanted to lift the trailer without causing collapse or further damage.

Accident Recovery All Clear

Once the crane lift service was complete, we loaded the vehicle onto our transport and safely strapped down the unit. We then headed to storage, where the owner could drop by and collect belongings as needed. After that, our team returned all used equipment to its original condition and called it a day on this heavy-duty highway recovery.

Crane Lift Services in Washington State

Pro-Tow proudly offers professional crane services. In addition to accident recovery work, we handle HVAC unit installation, precast concrete placement, landscaping material placement, lowboy service, hauling, and more. With customized service and speedy responses, you can always trust Team Pro-Tow to lift heavy things in tough situations.

Drive safely, and have a wonderful spring and summer!

The Role of Emergency Towing in Accident Recovery

The Role of Emergency Towing in Accident Recovery

Accidents may happen anywhere and anytime. They are unpredictable and unfortunate, but they are easier to handle with the help of accident recovery services and emergency towing.

What is Accident Vehicle Recovery?

Vehicle recovery is the process of retrieving and managing vehicles involved in accidents. It goes beyond simply towing and moving vehicles. However, emergency towing services play a crucial role in efficient accident recovery. Beyond accidents, heavy-duty towing may also be used to recover broken-down vehicles and vehicles with flat or damaged tires.

Towing During Accident Recovery

As mentioned above, there is more to accident vehicle recovery than managing and moving vehicles. Emergency and 24/7 towing services greatly impact accident rehabilitation overall by directly helping people involved in the accident. Moving vehicles away from the scene often assists local authorities in minimizing traffic disruptions in the area.

Helps Things Run Smoother for Emergency Response Crews

First, an efficient and responsive emergency tow truck company helps to clear all pathways for emergency vehicles. Time is of the essence in these situations, as reputable tow truck companies with emergency services understand. Prompt vehicle recovery action may lead to faster access to medical care for any individuals involved and a faster clean-up process of the rest of the accident debris. This swift response can significantly improve the chances of a positive outcome in accident rehabilitation.

Helps Reduce the Mental Stress of an Accident

The prompt recovery of vehicles helps to improve the mental well-being of people involved in the accident. Whether it is passenger vehicles or commercial trucks, clearing the scene and starting the recovery process quickly is better for everyone. It starts the process of taking care of vehicles, property, and paperwork.

Emergency towing services also improve the safety of the scene. This helps those involved cope a little more easily as they deal with emergency services, injury, insurance, or other stressful parts of an accident.

Inspections for Insurance and Legal Considerations

Accident recovery plays a major role in addressing the legal aspects of accidents. Sometimes, it’s important for the vehicles to stay in their original accident state to help with liability and insurance claims. In some cases, the vehicles(s) are assessed before they are completely removed from the scene. These inspections often include areas around the accident and the vehicle itself.

This is done for safety, insurance coverage, and any legal implications that might arise from the accident. Then, a company like Pro-Tow will haul the vehicles away to a secure yard or location for further assessment.

Have questions? Contact Team Pro-Tow!

Pro-Tow’s Fleet Services Helps New Semi-Truck Owners

Pro-Tow’s Fleet Services Helps New Semi-Truck Owners

Working in the heavy transport industry can be challenging and rewarding. New semi-truck owners are needed to fill gaps in the trucking industry, and Team Pro-Tow’s fleet services can help. Here’s how:

24-Hour Heavy-Duty Towing

Any experienced trucker will tell you that their first days on the job were stressful! There is a lot to learn and remember, and that road can be long! Unfortunately, accidents happen, and things can go wrong. The good news is that Pro-Tow has your back.

We offer 24-hour emergency heavy-duty towing services. If your truck breaks down, slides off the road or gets stuck, we will help you out of those sticky situations. Our fleet services include semi-truck towing, accident recovery, and equipment recovery.

Mobile Repair Services

Motorplex is our fleet repair and maintenance division, and we have shops in Auburn and Spokane, Washington. However, our team of technicians can hit the road and head out to wherever needed in Washington State. If your truck breaks down, for whatever reason, and you need a repair on the side of the road, we are just a call away.

If we can’t fix the truck on-site, our operators and tow vehicles are equipped to haul your truck to one of our shops. New semi-truck owners can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.

Load Services

Ensuring your cargo is loaded properly, weight distributed evenly, and tied down correctly is vital to a successful trip. If something happens on the road and that load shifts, we’ll be there. Our complete fleet services include load shift
and cargo re-load services. We can do it on the site of the road, in your yard, or wherever you need us to. We have the equipment to assist with cranes, bobcats and more.

Travel with Peace of Mind

We hope you don’t need our heavy-duty towing services, but if you do, new semi-truck owners will have peace of mind knowing we’re available. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you as you embark on this exciting and rewarding career in the transport industry!

At Pro-Tow, you can count on us at any hour of the day, all days of the year. On top of emergency towing and on-site repairs, we also offer long-distance transport, load transfer, cargo salvage, and short-term vehicle and cargo storage.

Call us today!

Reasons to Call for Heavy-Duty Towing in Winter

Reasons to Call for Heavy-Duty Towing in Winter

Like with any season of the year, there are both positives and negatives that heavy-duty truck drivers will come up against. In the winter, snow, ice, and extreme cold present their own challenges for drivers. From icy roads to unpredictable conditions, having a heavy-duty towing company on hand in case of an emergency is a huge asset.

At Pro-Tow, we serve Washington State with fleet repair and maintenance shops in Spokane and Auburn. Our professional and reliable towing services are available 24/7. Here, we discuss why you may need heavy-duty towing during winter.


Though a breakdown can happen for several reasons at any time of year, winter weather can certainly cause malfunctions on the road. Some of the most common problems heavy-duty drivers experience include engine and brake problems, battery, electrical or tire issues. In some cases, our mobile repair team from Motorplex can fix your problems at the site of the breakdown. However, if the problem is more serious, your repairs may need to be completed at a repair shop.

Pro-Tow has the experience and equipment to tow any vehicle. We are equipped for light auto to full semi-truck recovery. Our team of professionals can also complete on-site repairs. Or, if more extensive repairs are needed, we can tow your truck to the nearest Motorplex, our division specializing in heavy truck, RV and fleet repair services. We have locations in Auburn and Spokane.

Stuck in Ice or Snow

In the winter, sliding into a snowy ditch or getting stuck in the snow is perhaps the most common reason you will need heavy-duty towing. Like any vehicle, trucks are susceptible to sliding off the road and driving into a snowbank. Trucks can also get stuck in a loading yard if the conditions create sticky or muddy ground.

In all these cases, you want a reliable towing company on your speed dial – like Pro-Tow! This way, you can rest assured the company on its way has the right equipment and experienced staff members to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.


Unfortunately, accidents happen, and winter roads are often the culprit. Whether minor or major, Pro-Tow has your back if that happens.

We specialize in semi-truck recovery and will always ensure you and your vehicle are towed from the accident scene safely. This includes when your vehicle is involved in a major rollover or the accident creates a hazardous spill requiring spill recovery. If this is the case, our spill response division, Pro-Enviro, will also be on the job. We’ll take all the safe and necessary steps for vehicle and spill recovery.

At Pro-Tow, you can count on us at any hour of the day, all days of the year. On top of emergency towing and on-site repairs, we also offer long-distance transport, load transfer, cargo salvage, and short-term vehicle and cargo storage.

Call us today!

Revisited Crane Lift Recovery: Pro-Tow Fishes for Box Trucks

Revisited Crane Lift Recovery: Pro-Tow Fishes for Box Trucks

In August 2019, we published a heavy-duty truck recovery report for a box truck recovery requiring an expert recovery plan and crane lift service. Pro-Tow needed to perform a full crane lift to pull a box truck out of this mess.

The box truck had flipped over before landing down the watery ditch. And, once it was off-road, the front of the truck got stuck inside a large bush. This caused damage to the box and the connection between the box and the truck. Pro-Tow came in with our crane to lift the box truck back to the road fully.

Watch the video below to have a look!

Prevent Shifting Loads

How you load your truck – especially a box truck with a high center of gravity — can mean the difference between a safe and stable truck on the road and one that is not. If loads are not properly balanced, there is a higher risk that a truck will flip over when on the road. Then you’ll need heavy-duty truck recovery.

For drivers, a few tips can help you prevent a shifting load. Before driving away, performing a detailed inspection of your cargo is crucial. First, make sure to check the weight of the cargo against the weight limits specified by your truck’s manufacturer. Next, you want to ensure that your cargo is evenly distributed and well-secured. Another tip is to inspect your straps and other tying materials. You want to ensure that they are all in good condition and will not loosen or break during transport.

Pro-Tow Load Shift Services

If you are on the road and suspect your load has shifted, call Pro-Tow! Our professional team will come to your aid quickly! We offer 24/7 emergency services and use the most up-to-date and specialized equipment to rebalance a load on the road and ensure you can continue your transport safely! A sharp turn or sudden stop can shift a load. Pull over safely and inspect your load, and if you think there might have been a shift, if you’re even a little unsure, it’s important to call us!

Crane Lift Recovery

If an accident happens due to a shifting load or something else, Pro-Tow’s trained operators are on hand. As you can see from the pictures and videos of this crane lift recovery, we are ready and equipped to handle even the trickiest and most highly specialized heavy-duty truck recovery jobs. When you need a tow of any kind, Pro-Tow is here!