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Semi-Truck Recovery: Ditched Load of Potatoes on Tiger Mountain

Semi-Truck Recovery: Ditched Load of Potatoes on Tiger Mountain

In this incident, on March 8, 2022, a semi-truck and trailer went into the ditch at a curve and needed semi-truck recovery. The accident caused the truck and trailer to tip against the embankment. The trailer also carried a full load of potatoes, so the vehicle and the cargo trailer needed an emergency tow to get back onto the road.

Team Pro-Tow came to the rescue! We selected the necessary equipment and then set out for the recovery at Tiger Mountain.

Semi-Truck Recovery

Once we arrived at the scene, we started with an assessment to decide the best way to rescue the tipped semi-truck and trailer. Unfortunately, the trailer was flat on its side, lying on the embankment on the side of the road.

We decided to use the two wreckers to lift out the vehicle. We carefully hooked up one wrecker to the front of the semi-truck and a second wrecker on the back trailer. Working with care and patience, we slowly lifted the unit and got it back on the road with all the wheels touching down. With the semi-truck lifting handled, we gave the semi-truck and trailer a once over and cleared it to continue on its way along Tiger Mountain.

Semi-Truck Lifting

Team Pro-Tow has the equipment to handle any recovery or accident. Before setting out to the scene, we always ensure we bring the right equipment. Once we arrive, we do a scene assessment to decide the best way to handle the semi-truck recovery and whether additional equipment or help is needed.

Safety is our top priority. That includes the safety of our team, other drivers, and those involved in the incident. That’s why we are careful with our recovery plans and take the time to execute a thorough, detailed, and safe recovery. We always get a job done – and do it the right way.

Silverado in Sumner Accident Recovery

Silverado in Sumner Accident Recovery

On December 16, 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to an unfortunate accident in Sumner, WA. A Silverado pickup truck went off the road and landed in the ditch. The ditch was down a steep embankment, requiring a complex accident recovery.

Pickup Truck Accident Recovery

Our skilled and trained team arrived at the scene with the necessary equipment to perform a successful accident recovery. First, we rigged up the damaged pickup truck and prepared to lift it out of the ditch with our rotator. Then, our experienced operators carefully lifted the truck out of the ditch and back on the road.

Finally, we loaded the pickup onto a flatbed trailer so we could remove the casualty from the scene. After we cleared the area, traffic could flow freely once again.

What is Crane-Style Wrecker?

Sometimes people ask us if our vehicles are tow trucks or cranes? When we arrive at the scene to do some heavy lifting, we come with a crane-style wrecker called a rotator. Officially, rotators are not classified as a crane.

Rotators are essentially big cranes mounted on the deck of the truck. It can be used for lifting heavy machinery, flipped over semi-trucks, and trucks like the one mentioned in this incident. We use these vehicles for crane lift services.

Essentially, both rotators and cranes can haul some pretty substantial vehicles and equipment, and we consider that crane lift services. This equipment allows us to lift casualties in the tens of thousands of pounds and get some drivers and businesses out of sticky situations.

Trust the Pros at Team Pro-Tow

Pro-Tow offers 24-hour emergency towing services for all vehicles, including light auto, medium trucks, heavy trucks, and heavy equipment. We understand how stressful an accident or mishap can be and will do our best to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible. We’ll create an accident recovery plan that minimizes damage and downtime and gets you back on the road. 

Keep Team Pro-Tow in your contact list for emergencies! See our directory for locations and contact information.

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Equipment Recovery: Untipping a Tipped Excavator

Equipment Recovery: Untipping a Tipped Excavator

On March 23, 2021, a brand new excavator hit a bridge, rolled over, and required heavy equipment recovery. Team Pro-Tow used our heavy-duty crane-style wrecker to lift the excavator back on solid ground.

Our skilled operators are trained in a range of rigging techniques to properly perform a crane lift on equipment and objects of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Fortunately, we lifted this excavator without causing further damage to the machine.

How To Prevent an Excavator from Tipping

Operator error and lack of planning is the leading cause of tipping excavators and needing heavy equipment recovery. You should always ensure it’s on solid, flat, and dry ground when operating. Check manufacturer guidelines for safe operating ratios if you must work on a slope. Even if you know your machine, a stump or rock could cause it to lose footing and slide. Likewise, if the edge of the excavator catches a point or base of a slope, it probably will tip over.

When driving, pay attention to the direction of travel. Most excavators allow the cab to rotate 360 degrees, but the tracks always go in the same direction regardless of how the driver is facing. It would be best if the operator is always facing forward. Otherwise, you might move the machine in the wrong direction and get the equipment in a precarious position.

Never overload the excavator when lifting, primarily if operating a mini excavator. Always read the manufacturer’s manual for lifting specifications.

Heavy Equipment Recovery

Team Pro-Tow offers extensive crane lift services that can get you and your equipment out of a pickle! We understand that accidents happen and will work hard to get your machinery upright and back to work as quickly as possible. We are available 24-hours a day for emergency crane lift services. We can also help move large, heavy objects in all shapes and sizes whenever you need us.

Our operators comply with health and safety standards and are highly trained to operate equipment and find solutions for lifting heavy machinery and equipment in challenging situations. Learn more about our crane services.

24/7 Heavy Truck & Equipment Recovery Services

Pro-Tow offers round-the-clock emergency towing services. While many of our recoveries involve semi-trucks and other heavy trucks, equipment recovery is also a service we offer. We once helped lift a military tank to change a flat tire! If you need something heavy lifted and moved, we can help. Learn more about Pro-Tow services.

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Tundra on the Prowl Needs Accident Recovery

Tundra on the Prowl Needs Accident Recovery

On September 24th, 2020, In this incident, Team Pro-Tow received a call about a multi-vehicle collision. A Toyota Pickup with a travel trailer had become stuck on the concrete barrier and needed rescuing. We called WSP about the situation and got permission to use the emergency turn around and shoulder for the accident recovery.

Truck Rescue

The Fire Department had arrived ahead of us and contained a fuel leak from the truck. The Toyota pickup was also still attached to its trailer, so a planned accident recovery process was ordered. The owner approved the rescue method, and we sent for a Heavy Mobile Rotating Crane Truck to help with the work. Once all the equipment arrived, our skilled team got straight to work.

To avoid further damaging the truck, we used spreader bars to lift the vehicle off the barrier. While our team handled the accident recovery, Pro-Enviro controlled the spill cleanup. We successfully lifted the truck, but then a new problem sprung up. The fuel from the tank began pouring freely onto the road. Pro-Enviro quickly handled the emergency spill cleanup and re-dispatched it for the Fire Department because of the safety risk of a fire.

Up And Away

With the truck and trailer safely lifted and the spill contained, we returned the combination onto the roadway. From there, we separated the truck from the trailer and loaded it onto the flatbed. For extra safety, we used a four-point tie-down.

We took the trailer back to the storage yard and all absorbent materials and debris from the spill cleanup. All equipment was returned to its original condition and location, with meticulous care to ensure everything was immaculate.

With all the paperwork finished, we got the cleared call. Another spill cleanup and accident recovery handled with skill and ease by Team Pro-Tow and Team Pro-Enviro.

Smashing Fences: Truck Accident Recovery

Smashing Fences: Truck Accident Recovery

On July 28th, 2020, A loaded commercial truck and trailer left the roadway, hit a tree, and collapsed power pulls down on it. We received an emergency dispatch from the King County Sheriff’s office asking for an emergency incident response. This truck accident required specialized equipment that Pro-Tow could provide.

Truck Accident Recovery Initiated

After accessing the situation and reporting to the incident command, we made a plan for truck accident recovery. We had our heavy-duty rotating crane-style wrecker, a heavy-duty class tow truck, and a heavy-duty Landoll trailer. We realized that we needed an enclosed dump trailer to move excessive debris left from the accident. There was a lot of damage to the property, including a completely smashed fence.

Lifting the Truck

Because the truck had hit a power pole, this emergency incident response required extra safety precautions. We safely set up the work scene and installed the rigging to lift the truck. It had so much damage that nearly any movement caused problems with this truck accident recovery. We used multi-parted lines to allow cradling and a gentle lift to the Landoll trailer.

Hold the Phone

There was a low voltage main terminal connection box on the scene that our team needed to avoid. Crane lifting the truck allowed us to avoid the terminal and prevent damage or disconnecting hundreds of phone lines. The phone line contractor shared that our careful lifting saved them 40 to 50 hours of labor reconnecting the lines had damage occurred. Paying attention to detail is essential for effective emergency incident response.

Cleanup Time

Once we had the truck out of there, it was time to start the cleanup of extensive property damage. Vehicle fluids and debris were scattered all over the truck accident recovery scene. Spill cleanup was required for coolant, engine oil, transmission oil, and other hazardous materials. We got to work cleaning that up, loading debris from the broken fence and other property casualties into the dump trailer.

Bringing in the Truck

Team Pro-Tow brought the wrecked truck to our secured storage yard. We had to carefully lift it again with the crane to get it into the yard. We installed spill containment units to prevent stormwater contamination from the damaged truck. Our team transported the waste to a manifest site.

Another truck accident recovery was completed and cleared by Team Pro-Tow!


The Grinder: Logging Road Truck Accident Recovery

The Grinder: Logging Road Truck Accident Recovery

On June 19th, 2020, We received an emergency dispatch about an overturned Kenworth T800, Loadking Lowboy, and a Vermeer stump grinder. The load had overturned while on a logging road when the trailer didn’t make the turn. We requested and received photos of the accident to review and form a plan for this complicated crane services job.

We put together the required equipment for the job. Equipment included a heavy-duty rotating crane style wrecker, a heavy-duty recovery wrecker, a heavy incident special equipment, and a support truck. We called in trained and certified recovery operators and headed out to the job.

Multistep Truck Accident Recovery

The scene had limited road access, making things difficult. We needed a heavy truck accident recovery unit and a trained and certified operator to help. We also found leaking motor vehicle oils and fluids, but the customer said they would mediate the cleanup over the following days.

With narrow space available on the road, equipment placement needed to be precisely placed. After first disconnecting the grinder from the trailer, we began the truck accident recovery. We used all three recovery units for the truck and trailer’s successful and safe righting (now with even less road space to use). Still, our skilled team even managed to avoid any extra damage. The unit was then hooked up and moved to a nearby safe location. Once there, the customer towed it away.

Grinder Recovery

The final part of this truck accident recovery was the grinder. It was down vertically and 15 feet approximately from the narrow road. On top of that, it had become embedded in the dirt embankment and then pinned by existing stumps. Setting up the rotator for crane services took extra time. It had to be safe, given the road’s slope and narrowness. While our team was able to right the grinder, it stayed stuck in the embankment and stumps. As it began to get dark, it also started to rain.

The equipment was moved and repositioned for a new angle, and the recovery attempted again and again. Our team even tried attaching the equipment to an old-growth stump, but that didn’t work. Finally, the customer got the grinder running, which let our team perform a difficult but still safe crane service recovery. Throughout these many hours of hard work, safety breaks were enforced and repeatedly taken for our team. That way, injury, fatigue, and possible mistakes were all avoided.

Final Recovery

With the grinder recovery successful, our team began taking down and temporarily storing the multiple equipment sets. As a team, we handled the cleanup, storage, and loading and only left together. Reconditioning and returning the equipment to its original condition took several days. Still, we completed the paperwork and got the cleared call.

Even complex jobs like this truck accident recovery and crane services are not too much for our skilled Pro-Tow team!