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Silverado in Sumner Accident Recovery

On December 16, 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to an unfortunate accident in Sumner, WA. A Silverado pickup truck went off the road and landed in the ditch. The ditch was down a steep embankment, requiring a complex accident recovery.

Pickup Truck Accident Recovery

Our skilled and trained team arrived at the scene with the necessary equipment to perform a successful accident recovery. First, we rigged up the damaged pickup truck and prepared to lift it out of the ditch with our rotator. Then, our experienced operators carefully lifted the truck out of the ditch and back on the road.

Finally, we loaded the pickup onto a flatbed trailer so we could remove the casualty from the scene. After we cleared the area, traffic could flow freely once again.

What is Crane-Style Wrecker?

Sometimes people ask us if our vehicles are tow trucks or cranes? When we arrive at the scene to do some heavy lifting, we come with a crane-style wrecker called a rotator. Officially, rotators are not classified as a crane.

Rotators are essentially big cranes mounted on the deck of the truck. It can be used for lifting heavy machinery, flipped over semi-trucks, and trucks like the one mentioned in this incident. We use these vehicles for crane lift services.

Essentially, both rotators and cranes can haul some pretty substantial vehicles and equipment, and we consider that crane lift services. This equipment allows us to lift casualties in the tens of thousands of pounds and get some drivers and businesses out of sticky situations.

Trust the Pros at Team Pro-Tow

Pro-Tow offers 24-hour emergency towing services for all vehicles, including light auto, medium trucks, heavy trucks, and heavy equipment. We understand how stressful an accident or mishap can be and will do our best to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible. We’ll create an accident recovery plan that minimizes damage and downtime and gets you back on the road. 

Keep Team Pro-Tow in your contact list for emergencies! See our directory for locations and contact information.

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.



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