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Trucking Industry Needs Support, Now More Than Ever

Trucking Industry Needs Support, Now More Than Ever

As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads across the United States, regular travel and transportation is restricted in many jurisdictions. The border is now closed to Canada, except for essential travel, including the transportation of goods. We might continue to see travel restrictions tighten as things progress, but for our truckers, they are working hard to maintain the transport of goods.

Pro-Tow 24-Hour Towing offers heavy-duty tow services and semi-truck accident recovery services in Washington State and beyond. We are watching this pandemic closely and understand the importance of our service to the transport industry. Trucking companies will be able to count on us when they are in need of heavy-duty towing or accident recovery as we navigate this unprecedented time.

How is COVID-19 impacting the trucking industry?

There is a demand for taking supplies to stores that have run out of items that are in high demand. These items include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and essential food items. While warehouses have ample supply of these things, nervous shoppers are purchasing more than usual, and more than they need in many cases. A daily restock of shelves means more goods are required.

This has created an increase in products that need to be transported to grocery stores and warehouses throughout the country. Included in this demand, are vital medical supplies, safety equipment, and COVID-19 testing kits that need to be moved to other states.

Are truck drivers safe?

When speaking with the trucking companies that we work with closely, we are assured that drivers are following protocol regarding health and safety amidst this pandemic. Thankfully, most of their time is spent in total isolation on the road. Most truck stop services like restaurants and bars are now closed to prevent the spread of the virus. Transport companies and their employees are focused on good health practices when in contact with others, including keeping a safe distance, hand washing, and sanitization of equipment.

If there is an accident within our service area, trucking companies can depend on Pro-Tow 24 Hour Towing for assistance. We are still fully operational, offering heavy duty towing and accident recovery, including spill response, and are there to support transport companies and their drivers during this crisis. If your driver and fleet are in trouble on the road, we will be there to help, while taking all the health and safety precautions necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Pro-Tow Continues to Offer Heavy Duty Towing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Pro-Tow Continues to Offer Heavy Duty Towing During COVID-19 Pandemic

While many businesses have either closed entirely or reduced activity significantly in the past several weeks in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trucking industry has been busier than ever. North America is reliant on distributors and truckers for the transportation of essential goods.

These goods include emergency medical supplies, COVID-19 testing kits, and getting raw materials to factories so they can increase the production of these items. It also provides food and supplies for our general population and our Canadian neighbors, ensuring grocery stores can keep their shelves stocked.

We need our truckers, and Pro-Tow is dedicated to providing 24-hour services for this essential industry in the Auburn, WA, Spokane, WA, Maple Valley, WA, and surrounding areas. That includes heavy-duty towing and crane services, and full accident recovery. If there is an accident and your fleet vehicle needs a tow, or if there is a need for accident recovery, we will be there for you. As a support service for the transportation industry, we are taking our responsibility and role very seriously.

Mobile Semi-Truck Repair Keeps Trucks on the Road

There is an increasingly high demand for trucks right now, and we are committed to keeping them on the road. Motorplex is part of the Pro-Tow team. Through Motorplex, we offer semi-truck repairs, heavy-duty repairs as well as fleet maintenance and repairs. We also provide mobile repairs, so if your truck breaks down on the side of the road in the middle of a job, our mobile semi-truck repair team can get to you as soon as possible so you can continue.

If the repair cannot be done remotely at your breakdown location, Team Pro-Tow will get your truck to the nearest Motorplex location for a full diagnostic and repair. We have all the equipment necessary to lift your big rig and get it into our semi-truck repair shop.

We understand how essential it is to get your fleet vehicles back on the road, so you can continue to move high-demand goods during this crisis. Our team of experienced and trained technicians are committed to fast and effective services, so you can get back on the road and continue the excellent work you are doing during this challenging time.