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Revisited Crane Lift Recovery: Pro-Tow Fishes for Box Trucks

Revisited Crane Lift Recovery: Pro-Tow Fishes for Box Trucks

In August 2019, we published a heavy-duty truck recovery report for a box truck recovery requiring an expert recovery plan and crane lift service. Pro-Tow needed to perform a full crane lift to pull a box truck out of this mess.

The box truck had flipped over before landing down the watery ditch. And, once it was off-road, the front of the truck got stuck inside a large bush. This caused damage to the box and the connection between the box and the truck. Pro-Tow came in with our crane to lift the box truck back to the road fully.

Watch the video below to have a look!

Prevent Shifting Loads

How you load your truck – especially a box truck with a high center of gravity — can mean the difference between a safe and stable truck on the road and one that is not. If loads are not properly balanced, there is a higher risk that a truck will flip over when on the road. Then you’ll need heavy-duty truck recovery.

For drivers, a few tips can help you prevent a shifting load. Before driving away, performing a detailed inspection of your cargo is crucial. First, make sure to check the weight of the cargo against the weight limits specified by your truck’s manufacturer. Next, you want to ensure that your cargo is evenly distributed and well-secured. Another tip is to inspect your straps and other tying materials. You want to ensure that they are all in good condition and will not loosen or break during transport.

Pro-Tow Load Shift Services

If you are on the road and suspect your load has shifted, call Pro-Tow! Our professional team will come to your aid quickly! We offer 24/7 emergency services and use the most up-to-date and specialized equipment to rebalance a load on the road and ensure you can continue your transport safely! A sharp turn or sudden stop can shift a load. Pull over safely and inspect your load, and if you think there might have been a shift, if you’re even a little unsure, it’s important to call us!

Crane Lift Recovery

If an accident happens due to a shifting load or something else, Pro-Tow’s trained operators are on hand. As you can see from the pictures and videos of this crane lift recovery, we are ready and equipped to handle even the trickiest and most highly specialized heavy-duty truck recovery jobs. When you need a tow of any kind, Pro-Tow is here!

Avoid Accidents with These Semi-Truck Winter Driving Tips

Avoid Accidents with These Semi-Truck Winter Driving Tips

When you take your fleet out on the road over the winter months, you could face several different road conditions. In the Pacific Northwest, this unpredictable weather includes wet and heavy snowfalls that can decrease visibility, especially at night. Understanding how to navigate these roads will help you avoid semi-truck accidents, like this semi that found itself wrapped around a tree.

With winter on its way, here we share some essential semi-truck winter driving tips to help keep your drivers safe and trucks on the road.

Monitor Your Tire Pressure

In the winter and colder months, you must monitor your tire pressure. When the temperatures initially drop, your tires can lose a significant amount of pressure. Low tire pressure is a culprit for semi-truck accidents and poor fuel economy.

Slow Down

Driving slowly and carefully should go without saying. But whether you’re dealing with icy, slick roads, wet slush or low visibility due to heavy snowfall (or all of the above), do your best to drive slowly — that means slower than you usually would. Driving slowly and cautiously when going around corners in winter weather is especially important. Also, remember to give yourself more time to get to your destination. This way, you won’t feel as inclined to push the limits in winter driving conditions.

Leave More Space

One of the best semi-truck winter driving tips is to leave more space between you and other drivers when the roads aren’t good. If possible, double or triple the space you normally leave. Adding space between you and the vehicles ahead can be especially helpful if you don’t know the area you’re driving in. When you can anticipate a deep curve or a hill that might be coming up, it will help you prepare for it and avoid accidents.

Furthermore, if you’re in a passenger vehicle, give those semi-trucks lots of room! They take more time to slow down, turn, and accelerate – especially in winter driving conditions. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Call Team Pro-Tow 24/7

If you ever find yourself in an accident, your truck has fallen into a ditch, or you’re stuck in the snow, call Team Pro-Tow! As our name suggests, we’re the pros for hauling big rigs out of tricky situations. We can use a variety of special heavy-duty equipment, as well as highly-trained operators, to help you out!

Give us a call – we are available for emergency towing services 24 hours a day.

Throwback: Overturned Truck Recovery in Auburn, WA

Throwback: Overturned Truck Recovery in Auburn, WA

In this incident on January 28, 2017, a Hino box truck completely overturned on SR167 in Auburn, WA. This truck recovery in Auburn required the expert help of Team Pro-Tow. We arrived at the accident with our rigging equipment and assessed the scene. We decided the safest, quickest and best approach to rig the box truck to prevent further damage and open the roadway back up to traffic.

First, we rigged the bottom of the truck to pull it forward and place the vehicle back on its wheels. Once done, we loaded it onto the tow truck, safely transported it away from the scene and called this truck accident recovery complete!

Check out the video below to see how we did it!

Box Truck Loading Safety

When loading a box truck, it’s essential to distribute the load’s weight throughout the cargo box evenly. In addition, you must properly strapped down and secure the load within the box. Doing so avoids the risk of the weight shifting while driving and causing an imbalance. A sudden weight shift risks the truck tipping over when taking a turn and can cause an incident like the truck recovery in Auburn we mentioned above.

Drive Safely

How you drive also plays a significant role in preventing turnovers and accidents. Don’t take turns too sharply or quickly. Doing so can damage the wheel axles or the tires and compromise the box truck’s driving.

Likewise, drive extra slowly if the roads are slick from rain or ice. Whether the box truck is full or empty, a slippery road is a sure combination to cause an accident needing a truck accident recovery in Auburn.

When In Trouble, Call the Pros

Call the pros if you have a load shift problem, overturned truck, or damaged axles. Team Pro-Tow has the team, equipment and knowledge to help with any truck accident recovery. We can provide onsite or on-road repairs and tow your vehicle to our Motorplex shops in Auburn or Spokane.


Safe Accident Recovery When Working Near Powerlines

Safe Accident Recovery When Working Near Powerlines

On August 6, 2019, Team Pro-Tow responded to an accident recovery call for a box truck that had hit a power pole on Highway 169 near Maple Valley, WA. Unfortunately, the truck was completely lodged into the power pole.

Powerline safety is critical when dealing with an accident with or near power equipment. In this case, we contacted the local utilities. They ensured the power pole was safe and that our accident recovery would not interfere with the line.

Once we got the go-ahead, we cut off the damaged cargo box and rigged up the truck. Then, we could lift the truck from the power pole and ditch using a three-point rigging system and our heavy-duty crane-style wrecker.

Read more about that box truck accident recovery.

Powerline Safety: What to Do If you Hit Power Equipment in Maple Valley?

Thankfully, this accident didn’t cause significant damage to the power pole or lines, so we safely extracted the vehicle from the scene. However, that is not always the case.
If you come across a vehicle accident that has struck power equipment or you see downed power lines, do the following:

  • Call 911 or the utility serving the location. In Maple Valley, that is Puget Sound Energy. Utility professionals and emergency personnel will handle the situation if it is deemed unsafe.
  • If you’re in the vehicle that has contacted the power equipment or have lines on your vehicle, stay in the vehicle. Do not exit until you know for sure the lines are de-energized.
    • If you MUST exit the vehicle, jump away from the vehicle, do not touch it, and land with both feet together. Touching the vehicle while stepping onto the ground can cause electrocution.
  • If you’re not in a vehicle, keep your distance. Stay at least 35 feet away and call for help.
  • If you’re driving by an accident, do not drive over or under downed power lines.
  • If you’re trying to move away from the accident on foot, shuffle away with your feet together, taking small shuffling steps until you are 35 feet away. Large steps can create a path for electricity to run through you.

If you have questions or want more information about powerline safety regarding motor vehicle accidents, contact your local electricity provider for resources.

Fishing for Ford Explorers Vehicle Recovery

Fishing for Ford Explorers Vehicle Recovery

In this incident, on February 28, 2022, flooded road conditions caused a Ford Explorer to become submerged in the ditch beside the road. Luckily for the driver, Team Pro-Tow came more than prepared to help with the vehicle recovery service.

Vehicle Recovery

Team Pro-Tow arrived with a crane lift and flatbed trailer to handle the recovery. After assessing the situation, we devised a plan and worked to recover the car. Setting up the crane, we connected it to the car and carefully lifted it out. We then secured it on the flatbed trailer and towed it away.

A situation like this shows just how important good vehicle recovery services are. When you’re in a pinch or stuck on the road, we are just a call away to offer support and speedy solutions.

Vehicle Recovery Service

Having available vehicle recovery is an essential service. When you’re stuck on the side of the road, have a broken-down car, or have mechanical troubles, vehicle services can help you out.

You get immediate response and efficient services to get you back on the road quickly and ensure your safety. In cases where you need a tow, the vehicle services also cover that need. Hiring professional help also gives the benefit that you can claim insurance if required. Depending on your insurance policy, it could cover some or all your vehicle accident expenses.

A professional 24-hour towing service like Team Pro-Tow will have the right tools, professional knowledge and experience to help with vehicle recovery. Even if a situation feels overwhelming to you, we are there to offer peace of mind and speedy support.

Camper Trailer Rollover Requires RV Recovery

Camper Trailer Rollover Requires RV Recovery

On June 30, 2021, Team-Pro Tow got a call about an accident involving a rolled-over camper trailer on the I-90 near Issaquah. We saw that the RV was blocking the highway when we got there. So our skilled operators got to work creating an RV recovery plan.

Rigging Up the RV

After creating the recovery plan, it was time to start rigging up the very long camper trailer. We carefully wrapped and attached heavy-duty straps around the RV. We wanted to secure the casualty and lift it without causing further damage.

Finally, we cautiously lifted the RV onto a flatbed trailer using a heavy-duty crane-style wrecker. Then it was ready for RV towing in Issaquah. Once the trailer was away from the scene, our team cleaned up any debris left from the accident.

RV Recovery Complete

Team-Pro Tow moved the damaged RV away from the scene, allowing traffic to flow freely again. Unless given specific instructions, we bring casualties to our secure storage yard. From there, the customer can decide what to do with the vehicle or RV in this case.

Team-Pro Tow offers heavy duty towing for a range of heavy trucks and equipment, including RV towing in Issaquah, Spokane, Maple Valley, Auburn, North Bend and other Washington State locations. We have the equipment to get your RV or heavy equipment out of sticky situations and make the process as efficient, effective, and stress-free as possible.

Count on Team-Pro Tow

Our accident, heavy truck, RV recovery, and emergency towing services are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Whether you’ve been in an accident or one of your fleet vehicles is in the ditch, we can get you out of the jam. We also offer emergency towing services for light automotive and trucks. If your car breaks down on the side of the road or your truck battery dies, we are happy to come to the rescue.

Learn more about Pro-Tow’s towing services.