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Revisited Crane Lift Recovery: Pro-Tow Fishes for Box Trucks

In August 2019, we published a heavy-duty truck recovery report for a box truck recovery requiring an expert recovery plan and crane lift service. Pro-Tow needed to perform a full crane lift to pull a box truck out of this mess.

The box truck had flipped over before landing down the watery ditch. And, once it was off-road, the front of the truck got stuck inside a large bush. This caused damage to the box and the connection between the box and the truck. Pro-Tow came in with our crane to lift the box truck back to the road fully.

Watch the video below to have a look!

Prevent Shifting Loads

How you load your truck – especially a box truck with a high center of gravity — can mean the difference between a safe and stable truck on the road and one that is not. If loads are not properly balanced, there is a higher risk that a truck will flip over when on the road. Then you’ll need heavy-duty truck recovery.

For drivers, a few tips can help you prevent a shifting load. Before driving away, performing a detailed inspection of your cargo is crucial. First, make sure to check the weight of the cargo against the weight limits specified by your truck’s manufacturer. Next, you want to ensure that your cargo is evenly distributed and well-secured. Another tip is to inspect your straps and other tying materials. You want to ensure that they are all in good condition and will not loosen or break during transport.

Pro-Tow Load Shift Services

If you are on the road and suspect your load has shifted, call Pro-Tow! Our professional team will come to your aid quickly! We offer 24/7 emergency services and use the most up-to-date and specialized equipment to rebalance a load on the road and ensure you can continue your transport safely! A sharp turn or sudden stop can shift a load. Pull over safely and inspect your load, and if you think there might have been a shift, if you’re even a little unsure, it’s important to call us!

Crane Lift Recovery

If an accident happens due to a shifting load or something else, Pro-Tow’s trained operators are on hand. As you can see from the pictures and videos of this crane lift recovery, we are ready and equipped to handle even the trickiest and most highly specialized heavy-duty truck recovery jobs. When you need a tow of any kind, Pro-Tow is here!



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