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Things to Know When Transporting a Classic Car

When you own a classic or luxury car, it’s more than just a car. It’s a valuable asset that needs the proper care and upkeep. That’s why, when you need to transport or tow your valuable vehicle, you want a trustworthy company to ensure a stress-free classic car towing process.

We recently responded to a call regarding towing a classic car. The owner was pleased with the service and left us a positive Google review!

Here are some things to know when transporting a classic or luxury vehicle:

Find the Right Transport Company

Towing a luxury vehicle or classic car comes with a certain amount of knowledge and understanding of the car. That’s where Pro-Tow comes in. We have extensive knowledge and a proven track record for safely and effectively moving rare and valuable vehicles. Our highly-trained operators will ensure your vehicle is carefully rigged and moved without causing any damage.

Remove Any Valuables

Pro-Tow will do everything possible to protect and secure your vehicle on transport. However, it’s still worth removing any valuables or loose items before loading it and towing a classic car. That can help make your car lighter, but, most importantly, there will be no risk of misplacing valuable items during your classic car towing. In addition, you don’t want loose objects in the vehicle while it is lifted and moved.

Learn About Transport Options

When towing a classic car, it’s essential to have a suitable mode of transport. Flatbed trailers are most common in luxury or classic car transport. Some owners prefer to have their vehicles transported in a closed container to eliminate the risk of damage from rocks or outdoor elements on the drive. Ask Pro-Tow about our equipment and towing options.

Pro-Tow Ensures Peace of Mind

Pro-Tow prioritizes safety foremost and ensures putting their customers’ minds at ease. When you need a trusted company to handle your classic car towing needs, or if you require emergency towing, call Team Pro-Tow.

Need us to move something for you? Ask about our 24-hour towing services. Call Pro-Tow today to learn how we can support you and your vehicles out on the road!



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