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Pro-Tow Dislodges a Box Truck From a Power Pole on Highway 169

Pro-Tow Dislodges a Box Truck From a Power Pole on Highway 169

On August 6, 2019, Pro-Tow responded to a dispatched call regarding a semi-truck accident on busy Highway 169 near Maple Valley, WA. A commercial box truck had gone off the road and lodged into a power pole. We arrived on the scene along with the Washington State Patrol, Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety, and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

After checking in with the other agencies and Incident Command, we got straight to the task of accessing the scene and creating an initial recovery plan. To get this job done, we needed a heavy-duty incident response vehicle with special equipment as well as a medium-duty wrecker.

First, we had to cut off the badly damaged cargo box before any extraction could take place. Then, we had to get clearance from local utilities to ensure continuing with the recovery of this semi-truck accident was safe and not interfering with any of their lines. Finally, we installed a three-point rigging system to lift the vehicle from the power pole and ditch with the crane style wrecker.

Once the truck was out, we hooked it up using extensive safety precautions to transport it to a secure storage yard. Overall, we were able to minimize lane closures and minimize traffic congestion. The debris was all cleared from the accident, and we helped the owner’s agent with cargo and personal items before returning the equipment and closing the call.

When there is a semi-truck accident like this one, safety is our top priority. That includes the safety of the agent, the other agencies and responders on-site, our heavy equipment operators and drivers, and everyone driving near the incident on the highway that day. When you call Pro-Tow for accident recovery, you can be sure that the proper steps are taken to create and execute a safe and effective recovery plan.