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The Grinder: Logging Road Truck Accident Recovery

The Grinder: Logging Road Truck Accident Recovery

On June 19th, 2020, We received an emergency dispatch about an overturned Kenworth T800, Loadking Lowboy, and a Vermeer stump grinder. The load had overturned while on a logging road when the trailer didn’t make the turn. We requested and received photos of the accident to review and form a plan for this complicated crane services job.

We put together the required equipment for the job. Equipment included a heavy-duty rotating crane style wrecker, a heavy-duty recovery wrecker, a heavy incident special equipment, and a support truck. We called in trained and certified recovery operators and headed out to the job.

Multistep Truck Accident Recovery

The scene had limited road access, making things difficult. We needed a heavy truck accident recovery unit and a trained and certified operator to help. We also found leaking motor vehicle oils and fluids, but the customer said they would mediate the cleanup over the following days.

With narrow space available on the road, equipment placement needed to be precisely placed. After first disconnecting the grinder from the trailer, we began the truck accident recovery. We used all three recovery units for the truck and trailer’s successful and safe righting (now with even less road space to use). Still, our skilled team even managed to avoid any extra damage. The unit was then hooked up and moved to a nearby safe location. Once there, the customer towed it away.

Grinder Recovery

The final part of this truck accident recovery was the grinder. It was down vertically and 15 feet approximately from the narrow road. On top of that, it had become embedded in the dirt embankment and then pinned by existing stumps. Setting up the rotator for crane services took extra time. It had to be safe, given the road’s slope and narrowness. While our team was able to right the grinder, it stayed stuck in the embankment and stumps. As it began to get dark, it also started to rain.

The equipment was moved and repositioned for a new angle, and the recovery attempted again and again. Our team even tried attaching the equipment to an old-growth stump, but that didn’t work. Finally, the customer got the grinder running, which let our team perform a difficult but still safe crane service recovery. Throughout these many hours of hard work, safety breaks were enforced and repeatedly taken for our team. That way, injury, fatigue, and possible mistakes were all avoided.

Final Recovery

With the grinder recovery successful, our team began taking down and temporarily storing the multiple equipment sets. As a team, we handled the cleanup, storage, and loading and only left together. Reconditioning and returning the equipment to its original condition took several days. Still, we completed the paperwork and got the cleared call.

Even complex jobs like this truck accident recovery and crane services are not too much for our skilled Pro-Tow team!

Dominion in the Median: Heavy Truck Tow

Dominion in the Median: Heavy Truck Tow

On November 11th, 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to a call for a tractor-and-trailer that had gotten stuck in the median. They needed a heavy truck tow. Since no one could tell us whether the tractor or two trailers were still upright, we called Washington State Patrol (WSP) and updated them on the situation. 

We got recovery vehicles from the yard before heading out to the scene for this truck accident response.

Assessment and Planning

Once Team Pro-Tow arrived, we contacted both the driver for signatures and a WSP trooper. The trooper told us that the customer was in charge, so we began formulating a recovery plan. 10 to 15 gallons of fluid had also spilled onto the roadway. Because of traffic control and safety concerns, spill cleanup had to wait. First, we had to focus on the truck accident response and get that truck out of the way.

Truck Accident Response

Our team set up a mobile rotating crane for recovery and rigged the vehicle. Once done, we supplied air to the tractor and revealed a significant air leak behind a crushed part of the frame and support brace. We couldn’t repair the air leak, so we caged the brakes and supplied air to the trailer instead. We moved the unit back to the roadway, where we then hooked the tractor and trailers together. WSP recommended the nearest safest location to move the rig.

Once there, we completed the heavy truck tow separated the tractor and trailers. Upon request, we towed the trailers to the Old Dominion yard. The tractor stayed hooked up and was towed to the Freightliner body shop, also as requested. We left the tractor at the bay. Then our team returned to the yard and got the equipment ready for the next job.

Next-Day Clean Up

The next day, we contacted the Department of Transportation and Traffic Control Company to handle the roadway cleanup. Team Pro-Enviro brought a compact tracked loader with a bucket to clean up as per the Department of Ecology standards. We disposed of all contaminated soil, and samples were taken and dropped off.

A heavy truck tow and accident recovery successfully and safely handled!

Can I Still Get My Car Towed During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Can I Still Get My Car Towed During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Having your car break down on the side of the road is already a stressful experience. Having it break down during a global pandemic can feel like a nightmare. The good news is that most people are choosing to stay at home, limit travel, and because of this the roads are not very busy. Fewer vehicles on the road mean fewer break downs. But still, if you’re traveling and you need emergency towing, you are not out of luck.

Pro-Tow Continues 24-Hour Towing Services

Pro-Tow 24-Hour Towing is offering emergency towing services around the clock. We operate out of Auburn, WA, Spokane, WA, and Maple Valley, WA, but our service area is expansive. If you need our help, we can still come to get your vehicle. 24-hour towing services and other recovery services are considered an essential service, and therefore, are still operating.

Staying Safe When Needing a Tow

There are a few things we need to take care of while operating during a health crisis. We are committed to the health and safety of our customers and will require a few things from you to help us protect our operators.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, are self-isolating, or are under quarantine, you need to let our phone operators know. Being aware of the risk will allow us to take extra safety precautions when towing your vehicle. That includes wearing gloves, using hand sanitizer and disinfecting areas that are touched by our operator. It might also mean that you will need to leave the keys on the seat and move away from the vehicle while they get it hooked up. You will not be permitted to ride with our driver in their truck and will need a ride if you are away from your home.

If you do not have symptoms and are not self-isolating, we will still take precautions. We will keep 2 meters away from you while hooking up your vehicle. Our operators will do their best to keep you and themselves protected, including wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer.

24-Hour Towing Services for Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Pro-Tow offers towing services for light auto, medium trucks, and heavy-duty trucks. If you’re broken down in your car or need a tow from home, we can help. If you have issues with a fleet vehicle or a semi-truck accident, we can help. We are committed to undisrupted emergency towing services during this time.

Just Need A Lift Semi-Truck Accident Near Snoqualmie

Just Need A Lift Semi-Truck Accident Near Snoqualmie

In this incident, on September 22, 2019, Pro-Tow responded to an emergency dispatch about a semi-truck that had gone off the road at state highway 18 and interstate 90 near Snoqualmie, WA. Fortunately, the semi-trailer was not damaged and only the back end had gone off the road. It needed an immediate semi-truck tow service to lift the trailer back on the road. The busy Snoqualmie highway needed to be opened as quickly as possible, so Pro-Tow was quick to respond.

We utilized one of our heavy-duty crane style wreckers and, working with a certified incident commander, we safely lifted the semi-trailer and returned it to the road. With it back on track, the busy intersection was reopened once again, and the semi-trailer continued on its way. This was an ideal case of well-managed truck accident recovery.

What Is An Incident Commander?

In this recovery blog, the term “incident commander” was mentioned regarding the recovery of the semi-truck accident. In an emergency situation such as this, an incident commander is a person in charge of all emergency responses. They assess the situation and quickly set priorities and objectives to help safely and efficiently resolve the incident. They are like the project manager of the truck accident recovery.

The incident commander is responsible for the safety of all those involved, including the incident response team, which in this case was Pro-Tow. In this incident, the focus of the semi-truck accident was to quickly and safely return the semi-trailer to the road so the highway could be reopened.

As always, your safety is our primary concern, which is why we offer both 24/7 service and always bring the proper, certified personnel and equipment with us. No matter what the problem, our certified team is always ready and there to help. So, if you ever find yourself in a jam, you know exactly who to call!

Riding The Roundabout – Narrowly Missing A Semi-Truck Accident Turnover

Riding The Roundabout – Narrowly Missing A Semi-Truck Accident Turnover

On September 21, 2019, Pro-Tow responded to an emergency dispatch from the Snoqualmie Police Department about a tractor-trailer that had nearly overturned after going onto the planter of a roundabout. We responded quickly to the incident, arriving with our heavy-duty emergency response personnel and equipment.

Once we arrived at the semi-truck accident, our team assessed the scene and began coordinating with all emergency management personnel to safely return the semi-trailer to the road. With the back end of the semi-trailer perched on the planter, our Pro-Tow team used our overhead crane lift to safely complete the semi-truck accident recovery. We brought the semi-trailer back to the road and did so without any additional damage. Once settled, the semi-trailer was able to continue on its way.

Truck Aprons At Roundabouts

Navigating a roundabout in any car, requires drivers to be aware, drive slowly and respect the right of way. Typically, roundabouts are designed with curves that force drivers to drive slowly anyhow. However, trying to traverse the same narrow roadway in a large semi-truck is even more complicated.

The larger the vehicle, the more accommodation needs to be considered. That’s where a roundabout truck apron comes in handy. Truck aprons are what allow larger trucks to safely navigate the turns of a roundabout. In a roundabout, the truck apron is located between the road and the inner circle of the roundabout, such as around the planter. They are designed to support the weight of larger trucks and provide a little extra road room to safely make the turns.

There is a disadvantage to truck aprons though, specifically if they are slightly raised. A top-heavy semi-trailer that needs to rely on the aprons to make a turn, may find itself tilted slightly. This can make the truck unstable and it could lead to an accident. As always though, Pro-Tow is always ready to help no matter what the situation may be.

Bobcat Takes A Nap

Bobcat Takes A Nap

In this incident on August 16, 2019, Pro-Tow responded to a recovery of a Bobcat S450 that had accidentally rolled over, after deciding it was time for a nap. Moving machinery like this typically requires a heavy-duty or semi-truck tow service. Luckily, the Bobcat rolled without any damage and Pro-Tow quickly straightened it up. Once recovered, the Bobcat carried on with its afternoon work without further incident.

Bobcat Safety First And Always

When you operate a Bobcat, it’s important to keep all safety procedures in mind both before and during operation. Before you start, make sure to do a pre-use inspection to check that everything is in working order. If not, repair what’s broken first. Skid steer loaders, such as the Bobcat S450 in this incident, should also be equipped with a cab and rollover protective structure. This is what will protect the driver in the event a rollover does happen, and reduce the need for a semi-truck tow service. And don’t forget your seatbelt!

How To Avoid Rollovers With A Bobcat

Bobcats are most at risk of a rollover when working on soft or steep ground or when the skid steer loader has become unstable or out of balance. You can avoid a rollover by making sure you don’t overload, lift loads too high in the air, and don’t drive too fast on rough or uneven surfaces. If the loader becomes unstable, it puts the entire Bobcat at risk of rolling over. Once a rollover starts, it’s hard to react quickly enough to prevent a full roll. When you are working in a Bobcat, make sure you constantly check your surroundings and whatever terrain you are driving on. Awareness is the key step to keeping safe when operating machinery.

If you ever find yourself in a situation you need help with without causing any damage, then Pro-Tow is the one to call for heavy machinery and semi-truck tow service. With our certified, drug tested, and background checked professionals, we can get you out of any situation, guaranteed!