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Overturned Semi-Truck And Trailer on 15th

Overturned Semi-Truck And Trailer on 15th

In this emergency dispatch, on February 26, 2021, In this incident, a Rental Truck still attached to its trailer overturned on the highway and needed a recovery and crane lift rescue. Our Team Pro-Tow responded quickly with our crane lift equipment and flatbed trailer and set out for the scene.

Semi-truck Recovery

A recovery like this one required a two-part process to retrieve both the semi-truck and the trailer. First, our Pro-Tow team flipped the semi-truck back onto its wheels so that we could safely detach the trailer and prepare to tow it. Once the semi-truck was upright again, we detached the trailer and towed the truck away. Then, we used our crane lift equipment to lift the trailer onto the flatbed trailer and transport it back to the yard. We reconditioned the equipment and completed the paperwork for this quick recovery.

Crane Lift Services

At Pro-Tow, we are fully equipped to handle any towing situation, no matter how big or small. Our team is professionally trained and experienced, and our range of equipment can handle any problem. Even in an emergency incident, we will respond anytime and anywhere.

Team Pro-Tow brings over two decades of crane service experience. Often crane lift recovery is a key component of semi-truck recovery when there has been an accident. In addition, we can lift cars, trailers, and heavy equipment when caught in a jam. We’ll safely handle the calculations for rigging, safely lift the unit, and load it onto our flatbed trailers to tow it to our yard.

On top of incident-based services, we can also help with moving materials, installing HVAC units, or help with service and hauling. Basically, if it’s big and you need it moved or lifted, we can help with crane lift services.

We’ll get the job done, guaranteed and offer peace of mind for our customers.

Team Pro-Tow offers crane lift services and 24-hour emergency towing in Spokane, Maple Valley, Auburn, and North Bend.

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If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Burnt-Out Trailer Recovery On The I-5

Burnt-Out Trailer Recovery On The I-5

On December 10, 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to a Washington State Patrol’s (WSP) call for accident recovery on the I-5. A tractor and trailer had caught fire and was extensively damaged. In addition, all the tires were also severely damaged, which makes for a challenging recovery.

Team Pro-Tow on the Scene

This truck and trailer recovery required a Class C heavy-duty crane-style wrecker. The tires, wheels, floor, walls, and axels of the trailer were heavily damaged by the fire. We used extra equipment to move the trailer safely. We needed to bring in a heavy-duty flatbed trailer and a converter dolly to help with accident recovery.

Recovery Plan in Place

We knew that for trailer recovery, the converter dolly needed to go under the front of the trailer to move it from the rear. However, we quickly learned that even with the support of the converter dolly, the trailer was too severely damaged to tow safely. Therefore, the safest option for this accident recovery would be to load the trailer on a flatbed Landoll trailer, still using the support of the converter dolly.

Team Pro-Enviro took care of highway cleanup, spill recovery, and cargo salvage. Read Burnt Mayo Cargo Salvage to learn more.

Loading the Trailer

Slowly but surely, Team Pro-Tow rigged and loaded the trailer onto the flatbed. We used a snatch block to double the winch line and reduce line tension. This method helps safely pull loads with minimal strain and damage. When the burnt trailer and equipment were moved off the I-5, we moved it to a secure yard. Because of the height of the load, a pilot car needed to accompany the trailer transport.

Caught on Fire – Again

On the way to the yard, the pilot truck behind the trailer noticed smoke coming from it. Our team pulled over to check it and found the trailer was once again on fire. The fire was coming from the battery box. They put it out with three fire extinguishers. Then they cut and secured all electrical connections from the battery box so it wouldn’t ignite again.

Trailer Recovery Complete

Finally, after few roadblocks, our team got the trailer casualty back to our secure yard. We used two heavy-duty Class C trucks to remove the trailer from the Landoll flatbed. Then we put it on two retention ponds. Another accident recovery complete by Team Pro-Tow!