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Towing Against 180,000lbs of Resistance

Towing Against 180,000lbs of Resistance

On November 20, 2016, Pro-Tow responded to a call that was both unique and challenging. An excavator was stuck, well, nearly entirely buried at the Howard A. Hanson Dam, Eagle Gorge Reservoir. We calculated about 180,000 pounds worth of resistance to get this piece of machinery out.

Who did the US Army Corps of Engineers call to get the job done? Pro-Tow 24-hour towing from Auburn, WA. This recovery was urgent, high-technical, and very challenging. We were quick to assemble a team of professionals to create a recovery plan for heavy-duty towing, and we had the problem solved within 24 hours.

How Did Pro-Tow Rescue The Excavator?

The excavator was stuck in the middle of some very unfavourable terrain. We had to overcome about 500 feet of this terrain to even get to it. That meant calling in a team of our best heavy-duty towing and accident recovery equipment including excavators, dump trucks, a loader, bulldozer, four heavy-duty wreckers, and two Incident Support and Command post vehicles. We estimate about 200 tons of tow truck capacity was used to get the job done.

With all that equipment came about 20 professionals, including OSHA certified riggers, to plan and execute this technical recovery.

The goal was to solve the problem quickly, without impacting the environment. We rescued the excavator, and no fluids were lost. The environment didn’t suffer any additional damage.

Not An Everyday Tow, But It’s All In A Day’s Work.

An incident like this one does not happen every day, but Pro-Tow has continually been called to assist with many highly technical and challenging problems that require heavy duty towing. These high-profile clients demand the highest standard in safety, skills, certifications, equipment, and work ethic. When there is a challenging problem like this one, the Pro-Tow team can solve it while saving time, money, and the environment.


Semi Tow Truck Service Can Save Your Load

Semi Tow Truck Service Can Save Your Load

A Tipped Semi Truck Loses It’s Load in Sumner, Washington.

When there is a semi truck accident, it’s common for the load to spill out of the trailer. It doesn’t have to be transporting a liquid to be considered a spill! In this case on July 1, 2016, you’ll see that there are hundreds of product boxes spilling all over the road and ditch. When this happens, a logistics company needs more than just a semi tow truck service. They need help with load handling.

First things first, the experienced Pro-Tow truck accident recovery team will get the truck back on its wheels. Then our team determines if the semi truck and/or trailer is fit to continue transport after reloading. If the truck can be driven afterwards, Pro-Tow takes it to our yard so we can offer full load handling services.

What does load handling entail?

Load handling is when the load, for whatever reason, needs to be taken off, repacked and reloaded for continuation of the transport. Poor loading at a depot can result in an uneven weight and that can be the reason why the truck tipped over. A semi trailer needs to be loaded like a seesaw, perfectly balanced at every end without too much weight on the axels and only so much weight per floor section.

It can be tough to calculate, and every state has different requirement for semi truck trailer loading set ups. If you have 50,000 pounds of whatchamacallits in your trailer that shift, causing an accident or making your truck unmoveable, you can be in trouble – especially if your driver is in the middle of nowhere. Read this comprehensive resource titled The Loader’s Guide to Truck Loading for more information.

Don’t sweat, just call Pro-Tow’s 24-hour emergency semi truck towing service line and we will be there to help you out. No matter how remote the location. We can get your truck back on its wheels and give it a tow. If need be, we can help recover your load and get it ready to continue its journey.

Semi Truck Spill Recovery Saves Local Waterways

Semi Truck Spill Recovery Saves Local Waterways

Pro-Tow Responds to a Diesel Fuel Spill Containment Emergency in Tacoma, Washington.

When there is a hazardous spill caused by a semi truck accident, immediate response is required to reduce environmental impact. On August 2, 2016 after refueling, this semi truck’s trailer disconnected from the tractor, causing it to smash into the road and damage the diesel fuel tank.

Diesel had spilled and Pro-Tow was among many first responders on the scene including the Fife Fire Department, Fife Police Department, Fife Public Works, Department of Ecology and Love’s Truck Stop. Thanks to everyone quick response and hard work, the spill was contained, and no diesel leaked into nearby storm drains and waterways.

Why is fast response so important with semi truck spill recovery?

Simply put, you need to get the contaminant clean up quickly to reduce damage to the environment. A spill can contaminate waterways directly or through storm drains. It can also contaminate the ground and soil. If you get it contained before that happens, recovery will be far less extensive.

Not only is quick action better for the environment, it will also reduce your company’s spill recovery costs too. If you get it before it does too much damage, the clean up can be minimal.

What can a logistics company do to prepare for these kinds of accidents?

Any company that operates commercial vehicles should have a spill recovery plan in place. This plan should lay out responsibilities of staff and include a list of emergency numbers to call. On this list of contacts, you should include emergency response, regulatory agencies, applicable environmental protection agencies and semi truck spill recovery contractors like Pro-Tow. This way, you’ll know exactly who to call and will have all the information required to respond quickly and accurately.

When you have Pro-Tow on your emergency spill response team, you can count on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Working along side fire, police, public works and other agencies, we will access the situation, contain and clean up the spill as quickly as possible. To learn more about our spill recovery process, contact us.

Semi Truck Accident Recovery On A Busy Interchange – Northbend, WA

Semi Truck Accident Recovery On A Busy Interchange – Northbend, WA

Pro-Tow Had Traffic Flowing In Just 35 Minutes.

When there is an accident involving a semi, you need a heavy duty towing service that can get the job done quickly and safely. In this semi truck accident on June 23, 2015, a truck carrying 90,000lbs of beer battered onion rings overturned on Highway 18, near North Bend, WA.

It was right at the interchange from Interstate 90 to Westbound 18, so this incident needed quick truck accident recovery services to allow traffic to flow. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in this accident, but the truck suffered some heavy damage.

Pro-Tow 24-hour towing responded to the semi truck accident with the special equipment necessary to recover the site quickly, efficiently and safely. Our team of highly trained tow drivers met each challenge with their experience and expertise. Like every call we get, the Pro-Tow team quickly developed a plan that got the site fully operational in as little time possible. We had the semi turned back over, site recovered and traffic flowing with just 35 minutes of blocking traffic.

There was some damage to the generator that ran the refrigeration in the truck’s cargo hold. Thankfully our team was able to repair the generator, get power back running to the refrigeration unit and save the onion rings. Thought the trailer and truck in this incident was unable to continue transport, load recovery was possible – the silver lining in an unfortunate accident.

Why Do Semi Trucks Overturn?

Semi trucks can flip over when they change directions too quickly or there is an unbalanced load. It’s all about physics. If a semi truck is driving around a curve, there will be a centrifugal force pushing it away from the direction of the curb. Going to fast, having an unbalanced load or a turn that’s too tight can strengthen that centrifugal force and make the truck tip.

These trucks are made for hauling, so they’re massive. Therefore, they were not designed for maneuverability. While drivers can be as careful as possible, our clients can rest assured knowing that the Pro-Tow team is ready to respond to any accidents that might occur with our 24-hour heavy duty semi truck tow service. Using our fleet of specialized, heavy-duty tow equipment, our experienced team will get your truck right-side-up and the site restored as quickly as possible.

Heavy Duty Towing Uprights A Vacuum Truck – Federal Way, WA

Heavy Duty Towing Uprights A Vacuum Truck – Federal Way, WA

A Vacuum Truck Accident on Federal Way, WA Needed Heavy Duty Towing Services.

Pro-Tow offers heavy duty towing services, including full semi truck spill recovery and accident recovery. When there is an accident, it’s common for the truck to require up-righting as well as a tow. On February 25, 2016 this was the case with this flip-over on Federal Way, Washington.

The Pro-Tow team arrived on site, prepared to get this tanker right-side-up as soon as possible. We used our heavy duty towing equipment to flip it back over, minimizing traffic hold-ups, before towing the truck away.

Every situation is different and so is every truck and load. We understand that unique solutions are required to recover every truck accident site. When you call Pro-Tow, you can have confidence that our team is up to the challenge and will offer heavy duty towing services for the most efficient recovery.

What is a vacuum truck?

A vacuum truck, also known as a vacuum tanker, is a truck that carries a tank and pump. The pump is used to suck liquids from a location, into the tank of the truck. An example would be a septic vacuum truck that empties sewage from septic tanks and systems. These trucks then transport the liquid, whatever it may be, to another location. Then the material is sucked out and disposed of. In the case of a septic tanker, the content would go to a sewage treatment plant.

What causes vacuum truck accidents?

There has been more attention to preventing rollovers in the industry recently, but semi truck accidents still occur. According to this article in, more than three quarters of tanker rollovers are caused by driver error. Driving too fast, turning to quickly or not driving to conditions can cause vacuum tanks to flip, requiring heavy duty towing and recovery services.

Other causes of vacuum truck roll overs include weather, other vehicles, the condition of the highway or a malfunction of the vehicle.

Contact Pro-Tow to learn more about our 24-hour heavy duty towing and load service.