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Towing Against 180,000lbs of Resistance

On November 20, 2016, Pro-Tow responded to a call that was both unique and challenging. An excavator was stuck, well, nearly entirely buried at the Howard A. Hanson Dam, Eagle Gorge Reservoir. We calculated about 180,000 pounds worth of resistance to get this piece of machinery out.

Who did the US Army Corps of Engineers call to get the job done? Pro-Tow 24-hour towing from Auburn, WA. This recovery was urgent, high-technical, and very challenging. We were quick to assemble a team of professionals to create a recovery plan for heavy-duty towing, and we had the problem solved within 24 hours.

How Did Pro-Tow Rescue The Excavator?

The excavator was stuck in the middle of some very unfavourable terrain. We had to overcome about 500 feet of this terrain to even get to it. That meant calling in a team of our best heavy-duty towing and accident recovery equipment including excavators, dump trucks, a loader, bulldozer, four heavy-duty wreckers, and two Incident Support and Command post vehicles. We estimate about 200 tons of tow truck capacity was used to get the job done.

With all that equipment came about 20 professionals, including OSHA certified riggers, to plan and execute this technical recovery.

The goal was to solve the problem quickly, without impacting the environment. We rescued the excavator, and no fluids were lost. The environment didn’t suffer any additional damage.

Not An Everyday Tow, But It’s All In A Day’s Work.

An incident like this one does not happen every day, but Pro-Tow has continually been called to assist with many highly technical and challenging problems that require heavy duty towing. These high-profile clients demand the highest standard in safety, skills, certifications, equipment, and work ethic. When there is a challenging problem like this one, the Pro-Tow team can solve it while saving time, money, and the environment.




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