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Upsy Daisy on I-90 in Issaquah, WA

Upsy Daisy on I-90 in Issaquah, WA

#teamprotow called on to perform an overhead lift for a semi-trailer heavily loaded with gravel that had become dislodged and jammed in the frame of the 2013 Peterbilt 378. #WSDOT Incident Response responded immediately to assist with lane closure and for quick clearance of the busy Issaquah section of I-90. After dislodging the semi-trailer from the Peterbilt, a replacement Freightliner was able to be successfully connected and the roadway fully opened.

Tipping At The TA, North Bend, WA

Tipping At The TA, North Bend, WA

#teamprotow called on to lift a semi-trailer load of paint that had missed the entrance driveway and was leaning against a high voltage powerline. The busy truck stop in North Bend was jammed full of semi’s fueling up before and after delivering their loads to their customers in Seattle, WA. #teamprotow responded to the scene immediately to open the roadway. The semi and trailer weighed in at approximately 80,000lbs, but with Pro-Tow’s Heavy Duty Rotating Crane Style Wrecker-the problem was solved quickly and safely.

Semi Truck Wreck

Semi Truck Wreck

#teamprotow called on to clear a semi-truck accident in Auburn, WA after it overturns during the afternoon commute snarling traffic. The truck was carrying a full load of steel and weighed more than 70,000lbs, and complicating the recovery was diesel and other motor vehicle fluids that needed to be quickly cleaned to prevent runoff to the nearby storm water collection sites. WSDOT, WSP, and Valley Regional Fire were on scene to assist with coordination in what WSDOT termed a Major Incident Tow and activating an enhanced quick clearance protocol. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt and the recovery was quickly cleared and the motor vehicle fluid spill was cleaned preventing other mitigation requirements.

Paper Roll Cargo Recovery

Paper Roll Cargo Recovery

#teamprotow called on to open I-90 after a semi-truck loses its fully loaded trailer nearly tumbling town the embankment. Saved by the jersey barrier, and a stroke of luck the load of paper rolls overturned but everyone was safe. The tractor towing the trailer lost the 5th wheel hitch it uses to connect to the trailer and they became separated. #teamprotow was called on to safely and quickly open all lanes with minimal closure time during an evening traffic period. Utilizing a heavy duty rotating crane style wrecker and a heavy duty wrecker #teamprotow was able to prevent any further loss of load.