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When You Need Bus Towing

A bus driver carries a lot of responsibility on each trip. In being responsible for their passengers’ safety (who are often children or youth), drivers must also know their bus is in good driving condition. However, emergencies will happen, and a bus breakdown can occur as quickly as it would for a small car. Fortunately, a driver or operator can call for an emergency towing service.

If you’re calling for bus towing, you must ensure the tow truck company has the knowledge, tools, and training to tow large, heavy vehicles safely. From yellow school buses to coach passenger buses, these vehicles weigh anywhere from 10 to 50,000 lbs. *This is 5 to 10 times heavier than the average car, truck, or SUV!

Where to Find Heavy-Duty Towing Services in Washington

The buses on Washington’s highways and roads rely on Pro-Tow to take on those large and heavy jobs. Team Pro-Tow provides emergency towing services, including bus towing. The team has received extensive training in all areas of heavy-duty towing to ensure a safe hookup, transport, and detachment. Moreover, their careful training enables the Pro-Tow team to work efficiently so you and your bus are promptly back on the road.

Equipped to Handle Any Bus Towing

When heavy-duty towing is done safely and efficiently, these buses can be transported thousands of miles beyond Washington. And the reasons for a bus towing service don’t always need to be caused by a roadside emergency. Bus companies and fleet services may require towing for out-of-service vehicles or brand-new buses.

In recent years, the Pro-Tow team has been tasked with towing a 48,000-lb airport coach bus for the eCOBUS company. This task involved a 2,000-mile tow from Vancouver to Las Vegas and a trip through customs. Read more about towing the eCOBUS.

Pro-Tow is equipped and trained to handle any bus or heavy-duty towing situation. In addition, they offer crane services to help recover larger vehicles like buses. The Pro-Tow fleet can tow up to 110,000 lbs. at once, including a bus, RV, motorhome, heavy industrial equipment, or multiple vehicles.

Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road or need fleet transportation, Pro-Tow has the equipment to tow almost any passenger vehicle or piece of heavy equipment.



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