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Revisited: Crane Lift Services Save a Crashed Camper

With warm weather on the horizon, we wanted to share this camper trailer recovery as a reminder for safe and careful driving this summer. In this incident, on July 21, 2021, the Washington State Patrol reached out with an emergency dispatch about an overturned camper trailer and a full-size Dodge pickup. Our Team, Pro-Tow, responded to the call and headed to the accident site near Ritzville, WA.

Our team arrived with a Heavy-Duty Rotating Crane Crane-Style Wrecker, a Medium-Duty Wrecker, and a Specialty Landoll Flatbed Semi-Trailer. We then carefully evaluated the scene and devised a plan for the accident recovery.

Heavy-Duty Highway Recovery Time

With heavy lifting comes heavy machinery that’s made for the job. Our team came prepared with our Heavy-Duty Crane Style Wrecker, which was vital in this accident recovery. Complicated accident recoveries like this one have a few approaches our team could take. While dismantling was possible, it would have taken more time, equipment and personnel. Instead, we put our crane services to good use.

Our operators carefully set up specialty recovery straps, rigging, and high-pressure airbags to perform the overhead crane lift services needed. We wanted to lift the trailer without causing collapse or further damage.

Accident Recovery All Clear

Once the crane lift service was complete, we loaded the vehicle onto our transport and safely strapped down the unit. We then headed to storage, where the owner could drop by and collect belongings as needed. After that, our team returned all used equipment to its original condition and called it a day on this heavy-duty highway recovery.

Crane Lift Services in Washington State

Pro-Tow proudly offers professional crane services. In addition to accident recovery work, we handle HVAC unit installation, precast concrete placement, landscaping material placement, lowboy service, hauling, and more. With customized service and speedy responses, you can always trust Team Pro-Tow to lift heavy things in tough situations.

Drive safely, and have a wonderful spring and summer!



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