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Semi Truck Loses Load Of Tires

Semi Truck Loses Load Of Tires

After a semi truck loaded with cargo of agricultural tires slips off the semi trailer on Northbound Interstate 5 in Kent, WA, #teamprotow is called upon to clean up the lost cargo.  Utilizing a Century heavy duty tow rotating boom tow truck, the roadway was able to remain open as the tow truck worked from the shoulder.  The cargo was quickly lifted and rotated to a nearby flatbed tow truck and transported to their Auburn,WA secured storage yard where the cargo was safely able to be reloaded and re-secured in preparation for its final transport to British Columbia, Canada.  

ECobus Tow from Vancouver, BC to Las Vegas, NV

ECobus Tow from Vancouver, BC to Las Vegas, NV

Cobus Industries and BNSF  trusts #teamprotow to transport their beautiful and efficient eCobus 3000 from Vancouver International Airport through the Canadian and US Customs and onward to the Las Vegas and the International Airport Ground Support Equipment trade show.

Almost Made It: 2016 International ProStar

Almost Made It: 2016 International ProStar

#teamprotow called on to get stuck 2016 International ProStar out of the delivery driveway in Federal Way, WA.  The tow truck recovery was complicated by a 12% grade, a steep embankment on the passenger side, as well as a busy residential street.  Utilizing a heavy duty rotating crane style wrecker from Miller, #teamprotow was able to winch the ProStar to the top of the hill as well as move it sideways in one motion–all while the roadway remained open.  Successful, with no additional damage.

Pro-Tow Gets Semi Out of a Pickle

Pro-Tow Gets Semi Out of a Pickle

#teamprotow responds immediately to the City of Lynnwood, WA to get semi truck driver out of what he described as a pickle. Initially, appearing routine quickly got more complicated when the fuel tank was found to be resting on a hidden stump. In order to prevent any damage and avoid a fuel spill cleanup, #teamprotow used a double overhead lift to safely reposition the semi truck from the pickle. Problem solved!