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Light vs. Heavy Duty Vehicle Recovery

Sometimes, a vehicle breaks down and needs a simple tow to the shop or other location. On the other hand, vehicles that flip off the road, roll over, or get stuck in sticky situations might need a recovery service. Team Pro-Tow offers emergency towing services for all situations.

Pro-Tow offers light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicle recovery towing services in Auburn, Spokane, North Bend, Maple Valley, and across Washington State. Our services are for standard passenger vehicles, like your car, and larger vehicles, like semi-truck towing.

Here, we explain more about the difference between light and heavy-duty vehicle recovery towing services.

Light Vehicle Recovery

When a standard passenger car veers off the road and ends up sliding into a ravine, it will need more than regular towing services. An emergency towing company will use special equipment, life a crane-style wrecker, to recover the car from the ravine.

Other factors can be at play here when recovering a vehicle from a non-typical setting. For example, the vehicle might be in an awkward spot and require special rigging and lifting to retrieve. In addition, you’ll want experts to be able to manage any spills from hazardous materials at the scene as well. Although these incidents may require more than your average tow, they are still light recovery towing services, mainly because the vehicle’s weight in these cases would not fall into the heavy-duty category.

Emergency Towing

There are also many other light recovery scenarios for standard passenger vehicles for which you may need emergency towing. These include broken engines, tire punctures and dead batteries. Other examples include locking your keys out of your car or road conditions that force your car to slip or slide a significant distance from the road.

At Pro-Tow, our highly trained professionals are on hand 24/7 to assist with all light recovery emergency towing services! We have the right equipment and the experience to get your car out of any situation.

Heavy-duty Recovery

For semi-truck towing services as well as recovery for other larger vehicles, this is when heavy-duty recovery is needed. The same goes for buses and trailers, farm equipment, heavy-duty machinery, and RVs. In every case, these vehicles require special equipment to retrieve. On top of this, the operators involved in the recovery must be highly trained and experienced in heavy-duty vehicle recovery. That’s because semi-truck towing and other heavy-duty recovery services involve more challenges and specialized equipment than light recovery.

Whatever service you need, Pro-Tow will retrieve your large vehicles safely and ensure the safety of all those involved, including our staff and customers.

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