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Ford F350 at Cedar Grove Accident Recovery

In this incident, on April 30, 2021, Team Pro-Tow received an emergency dispatch from Washington State Police about a collision involving a Ford F-250 pickup stuck in the ditch. With little other information provided, we responded with a Class E flatbed truck and set out.

At the scene, we found that the left front tire of the truck was completely ripped off and that oil was leaking into the ground. Our team called for a wrecker for this accident recovery, and a trained operator responded with a B Class Wrecker.

Accident Recovery

To minimize damage, avoid risk to our equipment, and limit the impact on the traffic, we decided to do a “walk it up” recovery. To do this, we dispatched additional equipment and began the recovery process.

First, we rigged a medium-duty rim sling to the right rear wheel of the casualty and double-lined the winch line at the rear tailboard of the recovery truck. With the line secured, we began winching the casualty out of the ditch until we cleared the backend completely. We then re-rigged the high line to the front right wheel of the truck to completely pull it free from the ditch. With our carefully planned approach, Team Pro-Tow recovered the vehicle without any further fuel or oil spill.

Emergency Towing Services

We then prepared the casualty for emergency towing services and transport to the storage yard. We loaded the pickup truck onto the Class E flatbed and secured it in place before performing debris cleanup. We also performed property damage evaluation and reported back to the command post.

Then, Team Pro-Enviro handled cleanup efforts afterwards, who cleared the area and collected necessary soil samples. Finally, back at the storage yard, our team did a final cleanup and inspection of the equipment before putting it away.

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