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RV Parking Results in Heavy Duty Towing

RV Parking Results in Heavy Duty Towing

Parking your large RV may seem like a simple task until suddenly it’s not. In this incident, Pro-Tow quickly responded to an RV that had tipped over against the side of the road. They needed heavy-duty towing. Luckily, a nearby tree provided the perfect support to keep the RV from fully rolling over.

Pro-Tow was able to solve the problem quickly, professionally and, most importantly, safely. We straightened the RV in no time and without any further damage. If you do find yourself in need of any RV repairs, Pro-Tow also has a division for just that with our Motorplex. Otherwise, if it’s heavy-duty towing you need, then anytime near Auburn, Spokane and Maple Valley, Washington, Pro-Tow is the professionals to call.

How To Load Your RV For Stability

Given the right circumstances, even a RV can very easily tip over. In this recovery blog, the RV was lucky to lean against a tree, but more serious tips can result in a rollover and cause serious damage and expense. You can help avoid this issue by properly loading your RV with low-down weight. This method is practical as well, as a poorly loaded RV will make finding things again difficult.

When loading your RV, keep the weight bottom-heavy and make sure that whatever you pack is spread over the coach’s axles. Properly distributing the weight will make it less likely for your RV to tip over, because the even weight will keep things in balance. You want to avoid an accident, damage to your RV and the need for heavy-duty towing.

How To Safely Park An RV

Make sure that when you park your RV, you give yourself enough space to also leave the spot again. RV’s aren’t the best when it comes to maneuverability, so if you park somewhere cramped, it may cause issues when you want to leave.

Also, don’t park on the side of a road or near any dips in case it offsets the RV and puts it at risk of tipping over. Instead, park on a flat surface and make sure you put blocks in front of the tires to avoid any runaway RVs. Then, check to make sure your RV is level and stabilized. This is important not only for later when you go to sleep, but also when it comes to ensuring your RV doesn’t sway around or risk tipping over.

If you’re parking at a rest stop or roadside pullout for a break or to check out an attraction on the road, inspect the area first. If it’s too close to a ditch, like in this incident, or if the spot is wet or soft, avoid it.

Almost Made it, Almost Didn’t: Heavy-Duty Towing Required

Almost Made it, Almost Didn’t: Heavy-Duty Towing Required

Earlier last month, the SR18 was closed. When a highway closes, semi-trucks will take alternative routes to get where they’re going. In some cases, the driver might not be as familiar with the new route. An unfamiliar road and tight turn was the problem in this semi-truck accident recovery incident.

A semi-truck and trailer loaded with paper rolls were on a new route, and the corner was a little tighter than the driver anticipated. He didn’t quite make the turn, and it nearly caused the truck and trailer to flip. This recovery was a job for Pro-Tow and our heavy-duty towing crew.

The truck was about 80,000 pounds, which meant we had to use our heavy-duty crane style wrecker to undo this mistake. After we carefully set it up and rigged the trailer properly, we were able to relocate the loaded container to a better position and location. Then the driver was able to continue his travels and make his delivery of paper rolls.

Semi-Trucks Need To Make Slow Wide Turns

Cornering a semi-truck and a loaded trailer is something any driver will have to do, whether in the city or coming on and off roadway ramps. Unfortunately, even a small miscalculation, when cornering, can cause a big problem. If you have too much momentum and not enough area to turn in, your load will start to push the rig into the turn. In bad cases, this can cause the trailer to want to flip.

The key to safely turning semi-trucks is to take the turn slowly. That’s why you’ll notice most big rigs taking their turns at a near crawl. If they slow down too late, it can cause the momentum to shift cargo, and then accidents happen. Trucks also need plenty of space when turning. Truck drivers need to pay close attention to surrounding traffic, but for those of us in regular vehicles, we need to make sure we are giving them the space they need to turn safely. Remember, both loads and lives might depend on it.

Pro-Tow offers heavy-duty towing services and semi-truck accident recovery. Count on us 24 hours a day.