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In this incident, which happened on February 23, 2022, a propane truck slid off the road during a severe winter storm. Team Pro-Tow responded to help with the heavy truck towing rescue. We prepared the necessary equipment and then set out.

Recovering the Off-Road Propane Truck

Our team worked quickly and efficiently in the chilly winter air to rescue the propane truck. We used our heavy-duty crane to secure the truck and move it back onto the road. Fortunately, this incident was not on the main roadway and didn’t cause an accident or disrupt traffic.

Winter is approaching, meaning another year of winter driving conditions is just around the corner. With that in mind, we’ve put together some heavy truck winter driving tips.

Heads Up: Heavy Truck Winter Driving Tips

Before even getting on the road, do a pre-trip inspection. Doing so helps catch any issues before they can develop and cause an accident. While inspecting, take the chance to clean off any snow and ice, especially from the roof, lights, and windows. Snow in those areas can diminish your visibility.

Driver a Little Slower

Even on straight stretches of road, don’t drive at full speed. Black ice or hidden dangers can cause accidents before you realize the poor conditions. In addition, it’s important to drive slowly and carefully when going around corners, as they are common areas for slipping off the road.

Even if you’re just moving around a loading or storage yard, heavy snow, slushy, wet, and icy conditions can cause your vehicle to slide off the road. Then, you’ll need heavy truck towing like the propane truck in this report!

Brake and Accelerate Slowly

Avoid suddenly starting or stopping when driving on winter roads or in icy or rainy weather. Sudden stops can cause the tires to slip and lead to an accident. Instead, if you have to stop suddenly and can’t gear down, try lightly pumping the brakes, which helps reduce locking the tires. Likewise, when accelerating, don’t push down aggressively on the accelerator. On slippery roads, you’ll only have your tires slip out. You don’t want your trailer to slide and cause a severe accident.

Remember, winter road safety is always first and foremost. But, unfortunately, we know that you cannot avoid all accidents. So, if you need heavy truck towing, Team Pro-Tow is here to help!

Pro-Tow has built a solid reputation in getting heavy trucks and equipment out of unique and challenging situations. If you need heavy equipment or semi-truck towing, just give us a call!

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