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5Th Wheel Down and Over, Needing Heavy Duty Towing on Snoqualmie Pass

On September 23, 2019 there was a heavy rainstorm on Snoqualmie Pass, creating low visibility and dangerous driving conditions. As a result, an unfortunate collision occurred, overturning a 5th wheel camping trailer during a busy weekend this fall. This poor camper needed heavy duty towing and accident recovery as quickly as possible.

Pro-Tow is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and was quick to respond to this call. Using our specialized equipment, an overhead crane lift, we were able to load the 5th wheel carefully onto our truck. While our team was hard at work, we were able to keep lane closure to a minimum.

They may look sturdy, but if not lifted carefully, a camper like this can be easily damaged. From the images below, you’ll see the method we used to get this camper off the road and onto our flat bed truck. Before long, the accident was recovered, the trailer was ready for transport and traffic was moving again. If you get in a jam and need heavy duty towing, you know who to call.

What Causes a 5th Wheel Camper to Flip Over?

A lot of us enjoy RVing and 5th wheel trailers are a popular choice in Washington State. They are generally a stable and reliable rig but do come with some sway and roll over hazards that you should be aware of. Being aware of the risks, and using proper towing procedures, will greatly minimize that chance of needing heaving duty towing on your holiday!

Wind speed, how fast you’re traveling, improper towing of the 5th wheel and bad hitch weight distribution can all contribute to an RV turning over. In this incident, it was a collision. Before you tow a 5th wheel trailer, you should check the following:

  • Your truck’s towing capacity. Never tow a trailer that is heavier than your vehicles capabilities.
  • Get a sway bar. This helpful tool can even out the weight and height of the trailer while towing.
  • Ensure the trailer is level. If the trailer is not close to level, it could cause sway in high winds.
  • Secure the hitch. Double check the hitch before you pull out. If it’s not secure, the 5th wheel could come lose and roll over. This is very dangerous to you and other drivers on the road.
  • Check the weather. If the forecast calls for high winds, consider postponing the trip until the winds subside, especially if your trailer is very large.
  • Easy on the brakes. If you slam on the breaks, you could lose control of your trailer. This is especially true when going down hill or when driving in strong winds. Try lowering gears to slow down instead.
  • Don’t speed. The faster you go, the more likely the 5thwheel will sway. Reduce your speed and drive safe.

Remember, always drive to the conditions and give yourself plenty of time to get to your next destination. If you find yourself in trouble, give Pro-Tow a call. We offer emergency heavy-duty towing services around the clock.



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