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Mending Fences: Load Shift Required

Mending Fences: Load Shift Required

In this incident on January 11, 2019, Pro-Tow was called to help with a load shift in Kent, WA. A truck carrying 14,000 pounds of metal fencing had to make an emergency stop after the fencing began to slide. The driver stopped on another company’s property, who was less than thrilled, so Pro-Tow was quick to respond.

We arrived at the scene with the tools needed for a load shift service. We brought our overhead crane, commercial flatbed trailer and forklift, equipped with a certified driver. Pro-Tow then quickly went about transferring the shifted load onto our trailer and flatbed. We then safely tethered and secured the load before reloading in once again onto the customer’s truck in a way that guaranteed no other unexpected load shift.

Thanks to our prompt professional service and quick work of our team, we were able to avert a landslide and safely completed our load shift service. We also were able to quickly remove the load from the property owner’s land and ensure their business was not disrupted for long.

What Causes A Load To Shift?

When an unexpected load shift happens, it brings the risk of major and very serious accidents for both the semi-trucks carrying the loads and any vehicles nearby. The most common reason a load shift happens is that it was improperly loaded at the beginning. Proper weight distribution and securing the load, are key to avoiding a load shift.

Loads that are transported in a box container need to have their weight evenly distributed according to the axles of the trailer and the weight of the load. If the weight is uneven, it will affect how well the semi-truck can steer, brake and control its speed–all of which are things that we want to avoid, as they are what cause load shifts or loss of control.

Properly Securing Your Loads Is Key

In the case of transport on a flat-bed trailer, the loads will need to be securely strapped down. This is again to make sure the load is locked in place and won’t shift around or slide off during the transport. Direct tie-downs, chains and anchor points on the truck should all be in place and carefully secured to make sure your load doesn’t move.

In situations where a load has shifted or was improperly loaded to begin with, Pro-Tow is there to help! We can come to where you are and help safely and properly reload and secure your load so you can confidently continue on your way.

Truck Accident Recovery on Tiger Mountain Summit

Truck Accident Recovery on Tiger Mountain Summit

In this incident on October 22, 2019, Team Pro-Tow responded to an emergency dispatch from the Washington State Police about a tractor-trailer that had overturned on the I-90 at Tiger Mountain Summit. The trailer was loaded with laundry and had gone 20 feet off the roadway. 

We dispatched a heavy-duty rotating crane style wrecker and a heavy-duty recovery truck. At least one lane of WB was able to be left open, because of the location of the crash. To safely handle this truck accident recovery, we brought in another heavy-duty crane style wrecker. Leaking fuel oil and motor oils were spreading across the roadway, so we dispatched our spill response equipment and a team to safely handle the fuel spill cleanup.

Pro-Tow reported to the incident command post and after reviewing the situation, we created a recovery plan. This job required difficult additional rigging, equipment and careful operation because of the location of the truck. First, we installed rigging and performed a test lift to make sure all emergency personnel would be safe. Specialized high-pressure air bags were used to lift the trailer, and wide recovery straps were added for support to prevent any rupturing.

We were able to not only safely and successfully upright the truck, but we were able to do so with minimal lane closure and in little time. With the truck accident recovery successful, the truck was then moved to a nearby parking lot.

Moving Onto Cleanup Duty

Next was handling the excessive amounts of casualty debris on the roads. The debris was collected and contained, and the roadway swept and cleaned. The embankment also needed reshaping, which we did to the maximum practical extent. Emergency fuel spill cleanup response protocols were implemented to handle the fuel and motor oil spills and a compact trailer used to remove the contaminated soil.

In the end, the tractor and trailer were safely transported to the storage yard, and all equipment was returned to its original location. A job well done and safely handled by our Pro-Tow team!