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Emergency Towing: Taurus Fishing in the Bush

In this incident, on July 31st, 2020, we received an emergency dispatch about a vehicle trapped in an embankment. We got pictures of the accident and were able to see the car had left the county roadway and embedded in a stream on private property. We headed to the scene with a medium-duty wrecker and a recovery operator to survey the scene and create a recovery plan.

Crane Lift Services

We found that the vehicle’s location in the creek was a downstream pollution risk at the scene, so we needed to work fast. Our recovery plan involved dispatching the heavy-duty rotating crane-style wrecker and any necessary special equipment to minimize creek damage and pollution.

We also worked with the King County Sheriff’s Office to help with traffic control during the closure. While we waited for the closure, our team began setting up the specialty rigging and an overhead rigging kit with straps to avoid damaging the overhead powerlines. With a crane lift services job this complicated and safety-focused, we didn’t rush through the process.

Emergency Towing

The final step was to clear the bush to gain safe access. Once everything was set up and ready for emergency towing and recovery, we successfully moved the car back onto the roadway. Not only that, but we did so without any more damage to the creek or vehicle. Once the vehicle was on the road, we disassembled and stowed all the equipment to its original location for later reconditioning. The car owner was able to take it back to their property, and our team completed the required paperwork and returned it to the yard.

Team Pro-Tow offers crane lift services and 24-hour emergency towing in Spokane, Maple Valley, Auburn, and North Bend.

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