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Emergency Accident Recovery After Car Goes into the Cedar River

Emergency Accident Recovery After Car Goes into the Cedar River

River Runner Best

On March 16, 2020, Pro-Tow received an emergency dispatch for a car that had gone off the roadway and into the Cedar River. Where the vehicle had gone into the river, and where we could safely perform the accident recovery, was about 30-feet below a high riverbank.

Team Pro responded to the scene with a light-duty recovery wrecker and reported to Incident Command. Responders included the Washington State Police, Washing State Fire Department, and King County Parks and Recreation.

Calling for Backup

After we evaluated the scene, we learned that the accident recovery was going to need additional trained personnel and equipment than we currently had on site. After authorization, we dispatched for the extra people and equipment required. That included a heavy-duty crane style wrecker, Recovery Safety Supervisor, and a flatbed tow truck for transporting the car after it came out of the river.

Let’s Go Swimming

After creating a safety and accident recovery plan, our team put on their personal protective equipment and other safety gear and got to work. Very carefully, we brought the equipment down a bicycle path and set up on the riverbank for the accident recovery. The riverbank’s access and strong currents created considerable safety hazards that required mitigation.

Our accident recovery dive team received detailed instructions on how to install the specialty recovery rigging on the car in the river. They were able to get things hooked up properly, so our crane style wrecker could pull the vehicle out of the water. The overhead crane was able to lift the car out of the river without any additional damage to the sensitive wetland area and riverbank.

After that, the vehicle went to our secured storage yard. Another job well done from our team, along with side local emergency services and the county.

River Recovery Towing and Upside Down Parking in Kent, WA

River Recovery Towing and Upside Down Parking in Kent, WA

River Recovery Towing

Pro-Tow called on to extract vehicle from river with a river recovery towing after an unfortunate accident involving a young driver. Fortunately, injuries were minor and life will return to normal soon. Kent Police Department Kent, Washington Special Interest Towing

Upside Down Right Side Up!

Upside Down Right Side Up!

30 in a 25…? #teamprotow goes wading in the swamp for a Porsche in Sumner, WA. Took a bit to get it hooked up and recovered back on the road so the Sumner Police Department could complete their accident investigation, but fortunately, the car came up out without a scratch…?

Apartment Parking Without Knocking

During the night we got a call for this job. We could hardly believe it, but we rushed off to make sure. Sure enough, the car in question was half inside and half outside the house. Looked like they were trying to park their car but missed entirely. I’m sure the residents were very startled. Luckily for them we were on the case and worked in the night to tow the car out of the new hole in their house.

Good work to Ian and Blake for their hard work on this one.