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Just Need A Lift Semi-Truck Accident Near Snoqualmie

Just Need A Lift Semi-Truck Accident Near Snoqualmie

In this incident, on September 22, 2019, Pro-Tow responded to an emergency dispatch about a semi-truck that had gone off the road at state highway 18 and interstate 90 near Snoqualmie, WA. Fortunately, the semi-trailer was not damaged and only the back end had gone off the road. It needed an immediate semi-truck tow service to lift the trailer back on the road. The busy Snoqualmie highway needed to be opened as quickly as possible, so Pro-Tow was quick to respond.

We utilized one of our heavy-duty crane style wreckers and, working with a certified incident commander, we safely lifted the semi-trailer and returned it to the road. With it back on track, the busy intersection was reopened once again, and the semi-trailer continued on its way. This was an ideal case of well-managed truck accident recovery.

What Is An Incident Commander?

In this recovery blog, the term “incident commander” was mentioned regarding the recovery of the semi-truck accident. In an emergency situation such as this, an incident commander is a person in charge of all emergency responses. They assess the situation and quickly set priorities and objectives to help safely and efficiently resolve the incident. They are like the project manager of the truck accident recovery.

The incident commander is responsible for the safety of all those involved, including the incident response team, which in this case was Pro-Tow. In this incident, the focus of the semi-truck accident was to quickly and safely return the semi-trailer to the road so the highway could be reopened.

As always, your safety is our primary concern, which is why we offer both 24/7 service and always bring the proper, certified personnel and equipment with us. No matter what the problem, our certified team is always ready and there to help. So, if you ever find yourself in a jam, you know exactly who to call!

Riding The Roundabout – Narrowly Missing A Semi-Truck Accident Turnover

Riding The Roundabout – Narrowly Missing A Semi-Truck Accident Turnover

On September 21, 2019, Pro-Tow responded to an emergency dispatch from the Snoqualmie Police Department about a tractor-trailer that had nearly overturned after going onto the planter of a roundabout. We responded quickly to the incident, arriving with our heavy-duty emergency response personnel and equipment.

Once we arrived at the semi-truck accident, our team assessed the scene and began coordinating with all emergency management personnel to safely return the semi-trailer to the road. With the back end of the semi-trailer perched on the planter, our Pro-Tow team used our overhead crane lift to safely complete the semi-truck accident recovery. We brought the semi-trailer back to the road and did so without any additional damage. Once settled, the semi-trailer was able to continue on its way.

Truck Aprons At Roundabouts

Navigating a roundabout in any car, requires drivers to be aware, drive slowly and respect the right of way. Typically, roundabouts are designed with curves that force drivers to drive slowly anyhow. However, trying to traverse the same narrow roadway in a large semi-truck is even more complicated.

The larger the vehicle, the more accommodation needs to be considered. That’s where a roundabout truck apron comes in handy. Truck aprons are what allow larger trucks to safely navigate the turns of a roundabout. In a roundabout, the truck apron is located between the road and the inner circle of the roundabout, such as around the planter. They are designed to support the weight of larger trucks and provide a little extra road room to safely make the turns.

There is a disadvantage to truck aprons though, specifically if they are slightly raised. A top-heavy semi-trailer that needs to rely on the aprons to make a turn, may find itself tilted slightly. This can make the truck unstable and it could lead to an accident. As always though, Pro-Tow is always ready to help no matter what the situation may be.