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Water Recovery: Stolen Hemi Drives into Puget Sound

Water Recovery: Stolen Hemi Drives into Puget Sound

In this incident, on December 5, 2021, a vehicle was stolen and driven into the water near Seattle in Puget sound. Team Pro-Tow responded to a call from Tide Management Seattle PD to help with the water recovery. We gathered the necessary equipment and set out for the scene.

Once we arrived at the water, our team did a scene assessment to decide the best way to handle the emergency towing. Then, it was time to get to work.

Water Recovery of the Stuck Car

We started by positioning our equipment for a hook-up, then used a light-style rigging kit and spreader bar. We then hooked it up to the unit, lifted the vehicle, and loaded it onto the flatbed. Our team then unhooked it and returned the equipment and rotator to their driving condition. Finally, we returned to the storage unit, completed the paperwork and gave the all-clear call.

Local Teamwork for Emergency Towing

While we are fully prepared to handle any situation, we partner up as needed. Depending on the case, we work may alongside government agencies and local authorities for accident recoveries or emergency towing, as in this situation.

Working together ensures every party has the correct information and can move forward on the recovery together with a solid plan. In some incidents, a government agency or local authority may have extra information that we wouldn’t otherwise have. In this case, we had the schedule of the tide waters, so we could safely rescue the vehicle and make a water recovery without risk.

Working with local authorities and organizations is also extra important to protect the environment. For example, a nearby storm drain at risk of contamination or a vehicle in the water needs to be dealt with quickly. The unnecessary pollution can quickly cause damage to the environment and local wildlife and pollute drinking water.

Pro-Tow is proud to work and collaborate with other knowledgeable and experienced organizations to get the job done!

If you need emergency towing services or accident recovery, call Team Pro-Tow!

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