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Double Camper Turnover Holds Up Traffic

Double Camper Turnover Holds Up Traffic

It’s rare for a camper to flip over. In this case, two campers that were being transported flipped over on July 18, 2019. Pro-Tow’s heavy-duty towing service was called to Highway 18 near Snoqualmie, WA to help turnover not one, but two new campers that had an accident during transport. They were blocking traffic at the busy intersection at Interstate 90 and Highway 18.

These campers were new, and so, this heavy-duty towing and accident recovery had to be done carefully to prevent further damage. The campers had to be removed quickly as traffic was beginning to jam up. We used a heavy-duty crane style wrecker to perform the overhead lifting. As always, the team worked with safety top-of-mind and was able to get the campers removed from the scene quickly, opening traffic again.

Can Campers and RVs Turn Over Easily?

So, these campers weren’t attached to a truck when they turned over, but if you carry or tow a camper you should still be aware of the slight turnover risk. A lot of factors come into play for your RV to flip. The size of the RV, it’s weight, the direction of any wind and how fast or tight you are taking corners. Even the wind caused by a semi-truck speeding passed can cause a camper to become unstable.

If your camper is going to tip, you might hear a groaning or creaking sound coming from it. You might feel the pull as it starts to go. Therefore, it’s essential to have all passengers in the vehicle with seatbelts fastened, not the camper, when the vehicle is in motion.

What Do You Do if Your Camper Flips?

The first thing you and other passengers should do, if you’re not injured, is to exit the vehicle and get to a safe place on the side of the road. Once you’ve done that, you should contact the police and inform them of the accident, especially if it is holding up traffic. They might come and start to direct traffic while the accident is being recovered.

Then you need to call to have the camper towed away. That’s where Pro-Tow comes in. Regardless of the size of your unit, we have the heavy-duty towing equipment to get it upright, on a flatbed if necessary and towed away. Depending on the damage, you can decide to have the camper fixed or to write it off.