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Heavy Truck Recovery in Washington State

Heavy Truck Recovery in Washington State

In this incident, on October 28th, 2020, Team Pro-Tow responded to an overturned semi-truck and trailer on the highway that landed in the ditch. Where expertise and specialized equipment are needed to recover the vehicle, our team can do the job effectively and safely. We can handle everything from emergency towing, towing services, crane services, or heavy truck recovery in Maple Valley, Auburn, Spokane, and around Washington State.

Accident Recovery

Our team gathered the equipment needed for the job, including a heavy-duty crane-style wrecker and flatbed for transport. Once we arrived, team Pro-Tow worked efficiently to hook up the trailer. We then did a safe and successful lift and loaded the trailer onto the flatbed for transport. The tractor was easily towed away after that, which completed the recovery. All equipment was reconditioned and ready for the next call.

Heavy Truck Recovery in Spokane, Auburn, and Maple Valley

Like this job, Team Pro Tow can handle a range of services to support the transport industry. Semi-truck accident recovery, crane services, heavy duty towing, and 24-hour towing services. We offer heavy truck repairs onsite or in our Motorplex shops. The Pro-Enviro division takes care of spill cleanup and recovery, often arriving at the scene with our Pro-Tow operators and equipment.

Whether long-distance, nearby, big or small, we can also help with load transfers, cargo salvage, and short and long-term storage. Our services, including heavy truck recovery in Auburn, Maple Valley, and Spokane, are offered 24-7, every day of the year.

Our team always responds quickly and efficiently to ensure maximum safety efficiency at all times. Every member on our team is trained, screened, and certified for absolute quality that exceeds standards.

If you own or manage a fleet, or are an owner-operator, make sure Pro-Tow, Motorplex, and Pro-Enviro are on your contact list!

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If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.

Moses in the Median: Semi-Truck Recovery

Moses in the Median: Semi-Truck Recovery

In this incident, on April 2nd, 2020, TeamProTow received an emergency dispatch about a semi-tractor collision, and a loaded trailer stuck in the median. We dispatched a heavy-duty rotating crane-style wrecker and heavy-duty towing truck to the scene. On route, we learned the I90 had been closed due to the accident, so traffic was at a standstill.

Scene Assessment

At the scene, we met with the incident command post and assessed the situation. There was heavy debris, a vehicle in multiple pieces blocking the roadway, and a motor vehicle fluid spill.

We reported to the command post and got permission from the vehicle owner to do what was needed for semi-truck recovery. The incident command informed us that WSP would be doing a commercial vehicle enforcement investigation during the initial scene investigation. Only once both investigations were complete could our team begin the recovery.

Recovery Work

Our team got to work with permission given to use the Westbound lanes for our semi-truck recovery work. We set up rigging and recovery equipment and managed to get traffic flowing as we worked. Since we were working uphill, extra calculations and precautions were put into play.

We managed to move the tractor and trailer combination until it became clear the fuel tanks were at risk of further damage and causing a fuel spill. Our team had to stop due to the unstable terrain causing issues with the loaded trailer. We decided to return in the morning with a new plan and meanwhile cleared away the equipment and roadway of any debris.

Semi-truck Recovery

The next day WSDOT approved traffic management plans, and we dispatched a traffic management company and got an attenuator trailer device. In addition to the original equipment, we also brought a heavy-duty recovery wrecker, compact track loader, dump trailer, flatbed tow truck, and another medium duty tow truck. Fully loaded and ready to go, our team set out for the scene once again for heavy-duty towing and recovery.

Once they set up traffic control, we began our recovery work. We found that 20 to 30 gallons of fuel oil and engine coolant had spilled into the soil. First, we safely rigged and moved the tractor and trailer to the roadside. Then, TeamProEnviro did a complete cleanup of the roadway and median.

The damage was extensive enough that we had to transport the combination without separating, despite trying to do so twice. Instead, our team transported the combination and our equipment back to the storage yard with professional heavy-duty towing.

To stop any spill contamination, we installed a portable parking stall containment berm and reconditioned the equipment. We manifested and transported all debris and contaminated soil. Later, outside of work hours, we did a non-routine mechanical separation for the tractor and trailer. Only then did we complete the paperwork and give the cleared call.

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If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.