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Bobcat Takes A Nap

Bobcat Takes A Nap

In this incident on August 16, 2019, Pro-Tow responded to a recovery of a Bobcat S450 that had accidentally rolled over, after deciding it was time for a nap. Moving machinery like this typically requires a heavy-duty or semi-truck tow service. Luckily, the Bobcat rolled without any damage and Pro-Tow quickly straightened it up. Once recovered, the Bobcat carried on with its afternoon work without further incident.

Bobcat Safety First And Always

When you operate a Bobcat, it’s important to keep all safety procedures in mind both before and during operation. Before you start, make sure to do a pre-use inspection to check that everything is in working order. If not, repair what’s broken first. Skid steer loaders, such as the Bobcat S450 in this incident, should also be equipped with a cab and rollover protective structure. This is what will protect the driver in the event a rollover does happen, and reduce the need for a semi-truck tow service. And don’t forget your seatbelt!

How To Avoid Rollovers With A Bobcat

Bobcats are most at risk of a rollover when working on soft or steep ground or when the skid steer loader has become unstable or out of balance. You can avoid a rollover by making sure you don’t overload, lift loads too high in the air, and don’t drive too fast on rough or uneven surfaces. If the loader becomes unstable, it puts the entire Bobcat at risk of rolling over. Once a rollover starts, it’s hard to react quickly enough to prevent a full roll. When you are working in a Bobcat, make sure you constantly check your surroundings and whatever terrain you are driving on. Awareness is the key step to keeping safe when operating machinery.

If you ever find yourself in a situation you need help with without causing any damage, then Pro-Tow is the one to call for heavy machinery and semi-truck tow service. With our certified, drug tested, and background checked professionals, we can get you out of any situation, guaranteed!

House Crasher – Heavy Duty Towing Required

House Crasher – Heavy Duty Towing Required

On October 21, 2018, Pro-Tow responded to a dispatch call to help assist a car that had gone down an embankment and crashed into the side of a house. This accident needed heavy-duty towing. We arrived at the scene and reported to the command post, then did a scene inspection and formed our recovery plan.

First, we rigged a transport line to safely transport the rigging down approximately 75 feet at 100% grade. Once lowered, we secured the rigging to the car and used emergency communication devices as we slowly lifted the vehicle. Once the vehicle was safely removed from the house, we lowered it back to the ground to rest on its tires. Pro-Tow then safely winched the car up the embankment and lifted it onto the carrier to be transported to yard 2.

24-Hour Emergency Services For Big And Small Problems

While many of our recovery blogs handle semi-truck accidents or camper accidents, our 24-hour emergency towing is also there for regular vehicles as well. Our 24-hour services include helping fix breakdowns along the roads, accidents, cargo incidents and unexpected leaks or fuel spills. Or, as in this case, a crash into the side of a house. Safety is our priority at Pro-Tow, so if you find yourself in trouble, we have the services and tools to help.

We also have equipment ready for any situation, either big and complicated situations or situations that require big equipment. Pro-Tow also offers heavy lifting with our cranes, which are key in dealing with complex incidents such as with semi-truck accidents. As described in this recovery blog, we used heavy-duty towing and rigging to safely handle the incident.

Repairs To Get You Back On The Road

For emergency towing services, Pro-Tow also provides onsite service and roadside repair, should your vehicle need it. In situations that include large vehicles or heavy trucks though, especially those carrying a load, we understand the importance of safely reaching their destination.

That’s why, if after a safe rescue your vehicle needs repairs, Pro-Tow can take the vehicle to our Motorplex shops. They are located in either Auburn, WA or Spokane, WA. There the heavy-duty mechanic can do all the repairs you need to get back on the road. For fleet vehicles, our Motorplex technicians can also provide light auto work, to make sure your vehicles are in safe and working order.

Just remember, if you find yourself in an unexpected situation or emergency, stay calm and call Pro-Tow to help!