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Spill And Slide On Highway 18 At Tiger Mountain

Spill And Slide On Highway 18 At Tiger Mountain

In this incident on October 12th, 2019, Pro-Tow responded to a call about a tanker truck that had overturned on Highway 18 at Tiger Mountain, spilling thousands of pounds of fuel, oils and grease. We arrived at the accident with Pro-Enviro, the Washington State Patrol and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to handle this semi-truck spill recovery.

WSDOT activated their major incident response to stop traffic and close the highway so that our team could bring the necessary equipment and trained personnel. We immediately assessed the situation and created our recovery plan. To handle this semi-truck spill recovery, we required several specialized pieces of equipment.

Our Pro-Enviro division is called in anytime there is a vehicle fluid-related spill. Since oil and fuel spills are an environmental threat, we first focused on containing the spill on the roadway. Working with Bobcat Northwest and Pro-Enviro, the spill was collected and disposed of. From there, we then cleared debris from the accident and cleaned the road.

With the roads cleared, we were able to set up our specialized equipment to righten the semi tanker truck. We used specialized equipment from Miller Industries, Ashley Sling Inc. products and Sonetics wireless headsets, to upright the semi tanker truck. With the roads clear once more, we were able to reopen the busy roadway to let the traffic carry on through.

The Dangers Of Vehicle Fuel Spills

When a semi-truck accident includes a spill, it’s hazardous not only to people but especially so to the environment. If the diesel fuel is spilled on roads, it creates slippery services that are dangerous to traffic. As a mixture of different toxic chemicals, if any gets into groundwater it can contaminate drinking water or kill aquatic wildlife. Both oil and grease spills are the frequent culprit to loss of animal life, as the oil coats mammals’ fur leaving them at risk.

That’s why, during any semi-truck spill recovery incidents, Pro-Tow calls in Pro-Enviro to help quickly and safely contain the spills. Once any spills are contained, the fluids are cleared and properly disposed of. Here at Pro-Tow, we take the safety of our clients and our environment seriously, so we always work quickly to protect both.

Semi-Truck Accident Spills Container of Clothing on Highway 18

Semi-Truck Accident Spills Container of Clothing on Highway 18

Can’t Contain Myself!

On October 16, 2019, a semi-truck overturned on State Highway 18 near Fall City, WA in the early hours of the morning. The truck was hauling a shipping container full of clothes when it overturned. Pro-Tow was called in to assist with the semi-truck accident.

Pro-Tow quickly responded to the semi-truck accident call using our specialized recovery equipment, an overhead crane lift, to righten the truck and pull it back onto the road. Once back up, we then recovered the clothes and got them back into the closet for transport.

While our team worked as quickly as possible, we were able to keep lane closure to a minimum.

After the truck accident recovery, all lanes were re-opened, and everyone was able to return home safely and without incident.

Accident Recovery Management Prioritizes Safety

Two of the biggest concerns during truck accident recovery is the safety of those involved in the accident and the safety of any traffic driving near the accident.

Knowing that every situation and load involved is unique is key to establishing the right steps to safely recovering the truck involved in an accident. When Pro-Tow is called to a semi-truck accident, we first assess the situation and then create a recovery plan. We often work with the Washington State Police Department of Transportation (WSDOT) if any traffic lanes need to be blocked and traffic redirected. If the accident takes place at night or during the early morning, we also set up safety lighting around the site. This helps create a safety zone around the accident, making sure that visibility is not an issue. Our priority is the safety of those involved in the accident, those working to recovery the site and the local traffic.

Time Is Money

According to the WSDOT, every minute a lane is closed is four to ten minutes of traffic congestion. That’s why, when it comes to semi-truck accidents, we use our specialized recovery equipment to quickly and safely clear the roads. If traffic lanes need to be closed, we try to keep it to a minimal closure. Both traffic delays and delivery delays bring unwanted costs that we at Pro-Tow want to help avoid.