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Getting A Little Mud On The Tires

Getting stuck is stressful in any vehicle. Getting a semi-truck stuck in the mud can be very stressful, but not when you have Pro-Tow to come to the rescue! We see a lot of stuck trucks in this business, and many are much worse than this, and every one of them requires heavy-duty towing to get them back on the road and back on the clock.

In this case, the semi-truck got stuck in the deep grass and spinning tires in the mud. The driver took a tight turn and came off the road just enough to get into this predicament. They needed heavy-duty towing as soon as possible.

Team Pro-Tow decided to use our top-of-the-line Century Rotator to get this truck unstuck. A tow truck equipped with this rotator was the best choice because it could carefully and safely get this truck out, without damaging either the truck or slightly twisted trailer. After making a plan for recovery, we were able to remove the truck from its muddy prison and get it back on its route.

Mud: A Truck Driver’s Worst Nightmare

For a logistics company, getting a truck stuck in the mud means a lot of stress for the driver, unpaid labor and in cases like this, a heavy-duty towing call-out. This truck was stuck on a road accident, but mud in unexpected places, like a lot or even highway pullout, can make life difficult for a truck driver.

Not every lot or pullout is smooth and paved, unfortunately. Many are gravel or dirt, and after a heavy rain, they cause problems for 18-wheelers. So, what can you do? If possible, semi-truck drivers should avoid muddy lots, surfaces with soft sand, a lot with ice or snow and loose gravel. If you’re unsure about a yard, park the truck and take a walk around. Spending a little time ensuring you won’t get stuck is worth the effort. It’s a lot less to deal with than getting stuck.

If a delivery lot is covered in mud, the delivery still must be made. You can’t cancel it because you might get stuck. That is why every driver should be equipped with a heavy-duty chain, shovel, tire chains, traction aids, rock salt Pro-Tows 24-hour emergency towing line. If you do get stuck, you can get the truck back on the road quickly if you’re more prepared.



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