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What do you do when your trailer loaded with a Swedberg Excavator slips into a snowy ditch? Call Team Pro-Tow. In this incident, on February 26th, 2020, that was the case in this incident. Moving equipment of this weight and hauling it out of a ditch requires special equipment and skilled operators. Once we got the call, we made sure to bring the necessary rigging, equipment, and trucks to get the job done.

Heavy Duty Towing in Spokane

Once we arrived, our team set up the rigging and began attaching it to the trailer and excavator. Instead of bringing up the unit in parts, we wanted to recover the trailer in one piece. Next, we carefully pulled the unit free and loaded the excavator onto the flatbed for transport. Once everything was secured, we returned to the storage yard.

Heavy Equipment Recovery in Spokane

Thanks to our Pro-Tow team’s skill, expertise, and equipment, we can help recover, load, and move any heavy equipment. Our services include car and light truck towing, then move to medium-duty towing, and finally heavy-duty towing for trucks, semis, and heavy equipment. That includes vehicles like RVs and motorcoaches, buses, and any equipment that requires heavier lifting than a regular tow truck can provide.

All our towing services are available 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Our highly trained team of operators and specialized equipment are ready to go, no matter when you need us.

Towing for the most challenging equipment

We also offer other towing services, including out-of-state transport, heavy equipment pickup and delivery, and multiple car towing and transport. Our 6.5-degree load angle allows us to manage the most challenging equipment, up to 110,000-pound capacity.

If you need heavy equipment recovery in Spokane or heavy duty towing in Spokane, we can help.

24/7 Heavy Truck & Equipment Recovery Services

Pro-Tow offers round-the-clock emergency towing services. While many of our recoveries involve semi-trucks and other heavy trucks, equipment recovery is also a service we offer. We once helped lift a military tank to change a flat tire! If you need something heavy lifted and moved, we can help. Learn more about Pro-Tow services.

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.



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