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When Do You Need a Flat Bed Towing Service?

When you find yourself stuck on the side of the road and in need of towing, who do you call? While you may not think twice about calling any tow truck service, being informed about the type of towing offered is always helpful.

A flatbed tow truck is an excellent option for driving a regular vehicle (not a semi-truck or cargo truck). Team Pro-Tow provides flatbed towing services, including 24-hour towing services if you find yourself in trouble outside of business hours.

When to Call for a Flatbed Towing Service?

Suppose you drive a long distance and end up breaking down far from any towns or local help. In that case, a flatbed tow truck is a safe option to call. A flatbed towing service is preferable for long-distance towing that avoids causing any damage to your vehicle. When your vehicle is on a trailer, it keeps those rear tires off the road, preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

Pro-Tow offers heavy-duty, medium, and light auto tow truck service most of Washington State from our Auburn, Spokane, Maple Valley, and North Bend locations.

Your Car is Expensive

Luxury vehicles like classic models, sports cars, or vintage cars are valuable, if not sentimental, investments. So, when your vehicle breaks down or you need it moved, you don’t want it to be damaged while moving or worsen the car’s trouble. Flatbed tow trucks can offer a safer transport and avoid underside damage while moving your high-end vehicles.

Ideal for Emergency Calls

Pro-Tow is experienced and can handle any situation, including emergency towing calls. If your vehicle has been in an accident and is damaged, you’ll need the right towing service. A regular tow truck may be unable to properly tow your vehicle if it’s damaged or requires additional services. Our flatbed tow trucks, and other specialized equipment, can provide 24-hour towing for any vehicle, no matter how damaged it may be.

Be sure to check out our other incident reports on our Recovery Blog!

If you require truck accident recovery, give Pro-tow 24-Hour Towing a call.



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