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Tripped & Tipped Semi Truck in Sumner, WA

Tripped & Tipped Semi Truck in Sumner, WA

A Tipped Semi Truck Loses It’s Load in Sumner, Washington.

When there is a semi-truck accident, it’s common for the load to spill out of the trailer. It doesn’t have to be transporting a liquid to be considered a spill! In this case, you’ll see that there are hundreds of product boxes spilling all over the road and ditch. When this happens, a logistics company needs more than just a semi tow truck service. They need help with load handling.

First things first, the experienced Pro-Tow truck accident recovery team will get the truck back on its wheels. Then our team determines if the semi-truck and/or trailer is fit to continue transport after reloading. If the truck can be driven afterwards, Pro-Tow takes it to our yard so we can offer full load handling services.

What does load handling entail?

Load handling is when the load, for whatever reason, needs to be taken off, repacked and reloaded for the continuation of the transport. Poor loading at a depot can result in an uneven weight and that can be the reason why the truck tipped over. A semi-trailer needs to be loaded like a seesaw, perfectly balanced at every end without too much weight on the axels and only so much weight per floor section.